Monday Morning Millie

Monday, April 30, 2012

Remember when I went to go get Millie and the dog warden was a jerk 'cuz he said she was old and they said that she "suddenly" started limping but then it turned out that she had a torn ACL?

Well, look at my girl go! She didn't need to have surgery but she does take her Cosequin joint supplement and she doesn't look a day over 9. (pssst....she just turned 10, but don't tell her I told you!)


  1. I would walk more if someone would play that snappy tune as I strolled.

    Is amazing dogs dont run into stuff as much as they keep their nose to the ground.

  2. GO, Millie! You show them!

    Great video, Chrissy! LOVE the music!!!!

    Oh, and Happy Belated 10th Birthday, Millie!

    *oh, shit...I wasn't supposed to tell you :(

    Have a MARVI Monday!


  3. @Simply Suthern,
    It's pretty groovy, isn't it?

    @Just Two Chicks,
    She's such a happy girl.

    I just figured out how to make movies with my Flip camera. She didn't hear you..she's sleeping. :-)


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