Now I lay me down to sleep

Sunday, December 27, 2009

One of my Christmas presents to myself this year was to "hook up" with an old flame. I hadn't seen him in about 5 years and since Sparky's been MIA, I was a little nervous that I had become a little rusty. Or should I say, a little cob-webby. Hey, I said it had been a while.

As it turned out, I had nothing to be nervous about. The chemistry was still there and it was like riding a bike. A bike without a seat, of course. My latent testosterone tendencies kicked in, and I fell asleep immediately after doing the deed and then woke up an hour later, refreshed and ready to do it again.

Unfortunately, old flame had been up since 4AM flying across the country so he was out cold. What I hadn't anticipated was how difficult it would be to actually sleep with someone.

Yes...sleep, slumber, snooze.

I'm used to sprawling my body out across my Queen sized bed and burying my head in a mountain of four pillows. I had to now resign myself to two pillows and a 30 inch wide sleeping space.

"Okay," I thought to myself, "this is nice. Here we are rekindling an old romance. Just go with it."

So I snuggled against his shoulder and closed my eyes. I felt my body relaxing but for some reason, I was unable to let go and fall asleep. Only when I felt my drool spilling down his shoulder did I decide to try another position.

I rolled over onto my side and heard Bernie snoring from my left and old flame snoring from my right. I shifted, rolled and turned, ending up facing old flame again and seeing that I had pulled every sheet, comforter and throw off of him and that he was now lying there naked, exposed to my drafty bedroom. Well, he said he was always warm.

I threw a sheet over him, turned back over and looked at the clock.

Every hour on the hour.

I think I fell asleep right before the alarm went off in the morning.

Old flame was supposed to be back tonight but called a little while ago to say that he wouldn't be making it.

Am I a little disappointed? Sure.

Will I sleep good tonight? Oh yeah....

Sweet dreams....


  1. However nice it appears in movies...I still dig sleeping in my big king size bed with just me.
    And my two dogs.
    And my two cats.
    And many time waking to find my daughter having crawled in beside me.

    Although seeing a naked man in my bed might be worth the sleepless night...

  2. Hey, my first time here. One of my new followers follows you and the title caught my eye. Glad I popped by. My blog is a similar kind of vibe, only from a male viewpoint. Totally agree with you about sleeping with someone else. I was single for two years and now hate having a woman in my bed. Luckily it doesn't happen often. Keep up the great work and check out mine if you get a minute:

  3. Haha. I'm the complete opposite. I love cuddling. Of course, sprawling myself all over my bed is nice. I have a huge queen size too, and it's very plush. I take naps on it whenever I can. And I wouldn't trade my solitary nights for anything, but it is nice waking up next to somebody, or falling asleep pressed up to a warm body. Even if it's just one of my girlfriends.

    On another note, I'm building up my repertory of blogs (yeah, I'm new to the site) and you are officially on the list! *Follow*

  4. This is quite the conundrum, honey.....naked man versus sleep. Hmmmmm. I can only assume that Sparky went home after...ya know.

    So, either HE has to be well-rested so you two can "rock the night away", or one of you is gonna wind up on the couch.

    Would it be rude to throw a few pillows over him?

  5. OMG, one tells a story like you!


    Hey...I'm so glad that you got to do the "deed" woo! woo!

    I don't know, it's been so long since I had a sleep-over, so I don't know how I would be when it comes to actually sleeping with someone else in my bed. However, I DO love to cuddle.

    Anyway....I hope you had sweet dreams last night!


  6. @Wannabe Virginia W,
    Oh, I did... :-)

    Yes, spooning is overrated. Although, Bernie does enjoy it.

    Thanks for stopping by. I'll have to come and check you out!

    I would rather put a wig on my body pillow.
    Thanks for the follow!

    Actually, Sparky stayed but we didn't do much sleeping.

    Yes, that should last me another 9 months. I slept like a baby!

  7. You have me smiling big time!


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