What's in your wallet?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I know some of us may be altering our Holiday spending habits due to the economy. My bank has this handy dandy calculator that can help you determine just how much extra cash you have to spend.

Mine came out to negative $325.00.

Click here to determine yours.


  1. I'm scared to. Denial is my river. I'm so healthy.

  2. I so feel your pain! Santa is a sadist. -Diane

  3. No way! You can't make me do it. I already know the answer! it's a scary world out there and thank god the kids at school told my kids there is no santa or we would be screwed!


  4. You know what that means! Yes, ask for cash for Christmas, and tell your friends and family that if they truly love you they'll send it in by Thanksgiving... That way you can then share the love come Christmas time...

  5. Theres no way Im going to confirm that I dont have any money!!! Im gona live in denial with the rest of the group, and buy the kids a bunch of crap they dont need!!!

  6. When I used it, it just laughed and told me to burn my visa card.

  7. La-la-la I can't hear you-- not going there-- don't want to know how broke I am...

  8. What's in my wallet? Well, MY WALLET IS NOT ALLOWED OUT OF MY HOUSE these days. It is in a permanent 'Time-out' - at least until further notice. I keep my driver's license in my pocket at all times in case I get hit by a bus. And that's pretty much all I got on this topic. (Oh - I did take the little test, though, and the answer to pretty much all three questions was YOU'RE SCREWED. So at least there's that...)

  9. Ah, but life in the red is so much more fun! (I keep telling myself this, anyway).


  10. I suppose mine will have a similar result, but I'm just going to remain in denial.

  11. What my dad taught me about finances must be paying off. Literally.
    What do you want from Tiffany's this year for Christmas?

  12. I don't need no stinkin' bank calculator to tell me what I already know. My bank sends me a handy-dandy reminder e-mail when my checking account balance drops below $300. Every time I see the subject line that says "LOW BALANCE!" my stomach does a little flip. Like I need to be reminded that I'm low.

    Stupid bank. It's all the stupid bank's fault.

  13. @thatgalkiki,
    Yes, that's what I learned in therapy. Denial all the way.

    Funny! You're right.

    Thank God for loud mouthed little bastards.

    What a great idea! "Dear Aunt Mary..."

    Cool, I love the company.


    Oh, that can't be good.

    @Leah Rubin,
    You're so funny!

    @Cynica Sarcastamos,
    Join the club. You actually have MONEY for the bus??

    You're right. Red IS my favorite color!

    @Stacie's Madness,
    I sense a pattern here.

    All hail, Apple! :-)

    They actually do that? That's hysterical. And a real bummer, I'm sure.


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