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Friday, November 6, 2009

God help me. I'm going to have to see this annoying "Maggie" character until Christmas. I already want to stick her in a Christmas stocking and bury her in my yard.


  1. Ugh. I've got a shovel if you need help.

  2. Annoying as Hell, but not bad looking.haha

  3. they weren't thinking of the children when they produced that commercial, were they? officially traumatized for life now.

  4. I am LMAO and thanking god I don't live in Ohio!!

  5. Are they kidding? I'm with Julie, if you need a hand digging that hole...

  6. so, I happen to know this abandoned piece of land waaaay outside of Ohio incase you need a place to dump her... I could even help you... you know... do the deed

  7. Oh, I'm glad I'm not there...although, we'll have our own annoying-overrun-commercial here before long, I'm sure. When it gets really bad, you'll have to DV-R everything, so you can FF thru the ads. It's worth the extra $$ for the DV-R just to save yourself from that misery!

  8. Is that real, or do you think she's a raving bitch when the camera's not rollin'? :)

  9. AAAACCCKKKK! *runs out screaming* That is horrible! Just awful! I pity you, you poor girl! (I want to rip the arms off the fake snowman and shove them down that girl's throat and I've only watched this once.)

  10. I'd been blisffuly unaware of Maggie until now...
    Thank you Chrissy, from the bottom of my heart for wanting to peel off my eyelids because I viewed that.
    I'll be sending you the plastic syrgeons bill.

  11. This is the reason we don't have a TV in our house. You'd like to think she was well paid for doing that because the alternative is...

    ...she's really like that all the time.

    Maybe she lives in that house near you with the spectacular halloween display?

    I'll just nip to my shed, then check out the flight times. Do you think they'll let me on a plane with a spade?

  12. okay, I watched that with no sound because my netbook is acting up, and even I'm annoyed...

  13. @Julie,
    I have a shovel. Do you have a large brick?

    @Judge Fudge,
    Typical guy.

    A class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

    @Lee the Hot Flash Queen,

    She's ruining the lottery for me.

    Like buried in the snow?

    Right. What clowns approved this ad campaign?

    Oooo....good to know...

    Oh, believe me, I've made that investment. This one slipped through when I was in the kitchen or something.

  14. @Cynica,
    You can tell she's insane. She has Mommie Dearest eyes.

    THANK you. So it's not just me?

    You're welcome...

    Ha ha.

    @Mountain Woman,

  15. @The Fat Man,
    They won't likely let you on the plane but we can just go buy one when you get here. And yes, she probably DOES live in the Halloween house. Good Lord.

    @Peach Tart,
    Mmmm hmmmm

    Sorry to do that to you.

  16. Do you know what I would like to do her?


    She's a FREAK!


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