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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You guys know how much I love the history of Cleveland and that I'm completely enamored with older houses and buildings. Well, there's this absolutely ridiculous show on after the noon news. It shows videos from the internet and a group of people sit around and talk about them. I usually just leave it on as I'm going about doing whatever but today it caught my ear when they mentioned this website about New York City, then and now.
You have to check it out. It's really awesome. The creator took photos from the library of Congress dated about 100 years ago and then photographed the same places today.
On the front page, you can slide your cursor back and forth to see 1910....then 2010. Way cool!
Check it out HERE!


  1. Just me, I kinda prefer the old view. Too crowded now.

  2. @Simply Suthern,
    Progress, baby. I agree.

  3. Chrissy, I freakin' LOVED that!! You know how much I adore NYC, so I can't tell how much I enjoyed going through the photos of then and now. I bookmarked the site and will be going back again and again, so that I can see them all!

    As Simply Southern shared, I the prefer the old view.

    Although, I love that city so much I'll take it anyway I can get it.

    Thanks so much for sharing, girl!

    Way COOL!

  4. Love Then-and-Now montages. A Cleveland one, even of just downtown and Ohio City alone, would have me enthralled.

  5. @Ron,
    You were the first one I thought of when I saw this! I didn't have time to go through it all, either. Glad you liked it!

    @Roving Retorter,
    I was thinking the same thing! Maybe this could be one of my projects. Hmmmmmm...

  6. You have a blog award over at my place.

  7. @A Daft Scots Lass,
    Oh boy, thanks! :-)

  8. Actually, that really is very cool =) Indigo x

  9. Felt like I was in a time machine. Very cool!

  10. @Indigo Roth,
    I know, right? Way cool!

    Yes. I loved this!


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