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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm a self proclaimed Gladys Kravitz and for those of you who don't know who that is, she was the nosy neighbor on the television show Bewitched, that ran in the late '60's until the early '70's. Gladys was always peeking out her window to see what was going on in the neighborhood. 

I do the same thing. 

If there's a car I don't recognize parked down the street or I see a police car's lights, I grab one of the dog's to "go for a walk" so I can see what's going on. We used to make fun of my mother for being like this but I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. 

And the fact that I watch far too many crime shows doesn't help things and it just points my imagination to the worst case scenario. I stopped watching these types of shows after Starsky and Hutch was cancelled and only recently started watching them again.

I used to think Starsky was dreamy and my sister had the hots for Hutch. She even bought David Soul's album. The things we do for love. At 12.


I was in my family room on Sunday when I looked up and saw a man just past my property line, bent down in the bushes and digging. There's a field behind my house so it's not that unusual for people to be there playing baseball or soccer.

But there were no games going on.

"Oh my GOD! He must be burying a body! And in the broad daylight. He must be on drugs."

I called Millie, threw a leash on her and  "took her out for a walk." 

I slammed the back screen door, hoping he would be startled and take the body somewhere else to be disposed of but he didn't hear it. He was on the far left side of the property so we walked along the far right side.

As we got closer, he stood up and I heard "beep.....beep....beep.....beep"

"Oh my GOD! He must have a bomb! Why does he have a bomb in broad daylight? Maybe he buried the body and now he's going to commit suicide by blowing himself up!"

There's a large patch of overgrown bushes at the end of my yard and so, Millie and I hid behind them and very slowly peeked around the hydrangeas, eyes wide open so as not to miss any details that I would later be reporting to the police.

This is what we saw.

Um.....never mind....


  1. So, he, he, he, must be looking for a bomb or a body he buried . No point in rational thinking now is there?

    Gladys used to drive me nuts. I loved "Starsky and Hutch". I wanted a car like theirs and a knit sweater like Starsky wore. I hated the remake movie.

  2. Looks like a date prospect to me.....

  3. That's why I bought the telescope...

    We need to be neighbours. Immediately.

  4. "This is what we saw."

    Bwhahahahahhaha! Chrissy, I HOWLED when I saw that! You CRACK ME THE HELL UP, girl!!!

    And it's funny because I will sometimes do this myself. Even though I live in high-rise apartment building, I will sometimes take my BINOCULARS and look down at the street if I hear any commotion going on and investigate!

    Btw, LOVE the clip from Bewitched. And the actress who played Gladys Kravitz, was my favorite Gladys Kravitz. The other one was good too, but the first one was STELLAR!


  5. Hell-o Christine,

    For years, i have been listening to Garrison Keillor's radio programme, Prairie Home Companion. He has fake commercial sponsors, on a continuing script a married couple (Jim &Barb) has problems, and the answer is ketchup. It is brought to us by the Catchup Advisory Board. After the problem de jour, the one says to the other, "Barb, i think you need some ketchup". See catsup has 'natural mellowing agents'. Then the song is sung, "These are the good years, in the golden sun. A new day is dawning. A new life has begun. The river flowing, like catchup on a bun."

    My dear Kickie, i think you have not had enough ketchup.

  6. @Simply Suthern,
    I can't help it. That's how my mind thinks.

    She was wonderfully annoying. And poor Abner! There was an old man in the neighborhood who bought that car. I didn't see anyone with the sweater, though.

    So he won't be able to hear my craziness?

    LOL! Exactly.

    Binoculars! That's great! Hey, you do what you gotta do. She was by far the best Gladys. Jury is still out on who was the better Darrin. I say, neither.

    Ha ha!

  7. Sometimes I desperately miss life in the suburbs.

  8. Hell-o Christine,

    There was it a kar show na Broadview Hts. last weekend. They had a Starsky Hutch car, and a Galaxie 500 police car 'sold' from Mt. Pilot. They maybe advertised a General Lee, i didn't see. The Lakewood kar culture, the week before, was funner. The first (in time) fotoed better than the second.

  9. @The Roving Retorter,
    You're welcome to visit anytime. I'll let you "walk one of the dogs".

    Funny that one of those cars are still around.

  10. Of course you would have to go investigate, Chrissy. You do realize, though, that you're setting yourself up as the perfect victim for a mad slasher movie.

  11. @Paula Wooters,
    Ha ha! I guess I never thought of it that way. Note to self: buy knife to slash back.

  12. yep sinister scary guy 101 alert - Starsky and Hutch was one of the coolest shows ever. The other day I found myself randomly wondering whatever happened to Huggy Bear, as you do. Err David Soul's album is sorta no comment territory.

  13. @David Macaulay,
    Yes, one of the coolest ever! Why are no informants or gang members named Huggy Bear anymore?

  14. lol. I have been known to do this - I'll have to add this to the list of things my dog is good for (which I recite when he's being bad). And I never dreamed I'd have qualities in common with Gladys Kravitz of all people. I used to love when Endora answered the door to her ;)

  15. @mshatch,
    Yes, always take the dog. You can be like Scarecrow & Mrs. King. You know, if you get that reference.

    Endora was the bomb! Loved Serena, too!


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