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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Okay, I'm in my 5th week of vegan living. I would like to say that I feel better than I've felt my whole life but I don't, really. I feel good but I've had a lot of....ummmm....gastrointestinal issues.

When you go from never eating a salad in 10 years to eating two a day in addition to all the other fruits and vegetables and beans...well, your body is bound to have an adjustment period. C'mon, you know the little jingle.

Beans beans

They're good for your heart

The more you eat

The more you
....yep, that's what I mean..

I've always had an open door policy at work and people tend to wander in and out of my office during the course of a day. Since my windows are painted shut, I now have an "open the door and wave it" policy.

I do have to reiterate what I said initially, though, that this is the easiest thing I've ever done. Still no sugar cravings or wild hunger pangs. And I've lost 10 pounds! Jake would be proud.

I felt like I was going through rehab as my body rid itself of all the junk and toxins. It came out in the obvious way but it also came out through skin rashes, nasal drainage and aches and pains. I never knew what each day would bring.

At first, I was buying things that said "vegan" but weren't necessary low in fat and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight. I've learned to stick to fresh foods instead of canned or processed and it's been much better for my weight loss.

I think it's supposed to be a 4-6 week program so I'm about ready to start adding in some fish and then chicken. What I'm really craving is a nice, thick, juicy steak. I'll work my way up to that one.

Oh, and I haven't cheated one time! Yes, me, who couldn't even give up chocolate for Lent. Who'd a thunk it?


  1. You go, girl!

    Congrats on your 5th week! I once spent a week at a vegan retreat in the Pocono Mountains and ate only vegan food, so I know what you mean about your body ridding itself of toxins. OMG...for the first three days my body gave off the WORST odor! I smelled like a walking locker room.

    And please...lets not even mention "tooting" because no matter what I eat, I'm just a natural TOOT machine! That's one of the things I love about living in a city. You can TOOT walking down the street and no one hears or smells you!


    Ok..I'm going to leave now.

    Toot-toot hey, beep- beep!

  2. Good luck. The hard part will be not "overdoing it" once you start eating real food again. I admire your determination and discipline. I could NOT give up steak and chicken for any length of time.

  3. Oh Chrissy, I totally admire what you've accomplished. I really do. But given that you've had a plethera of maladies...only 10 lbs. C'mon already. All that hard work is worth at least, oh I don't know, like 30 lbs.

    Well, I still am admiring your resolve and commitment. Hang in there and kudos. You're a waay better woman than I. (xoxo from the girl who just had a bacon, avocado hamburger at IHOP today). I have issues..and a huge ass. You go girl!!!

  4. Ron,

    You're so crazy! That's so true. I don't beep, though. :-)

    A vegan retreat sounds neat. Yes, you know what I'm talking about then.

  5. Thanks, Chris. I know, I'm a little nervous. Moderation has never been my forte.

  6. Theresa,


    I said the same thing to my sister. Only 10 pounds?? She had to talk me down from the ledge.

  7. I know a placed that serves a ribeye 1 1/2 thick. :-)
    When you're ready, you let me know!

    In the meantime, I'll eat the beef for you. Damn vegans...are you going to start wearing non-leather shoes too? (oh..that's my OTHER friend Chris that does that..)

    Way to go girlfriend!

  8. Congratulations! I think about doing the same thing, but in a house full of meatatarians, it would be a losing battle.

  9. Nancy,

    You'll be the first one I call and when I meet you at the restaurant, I'll have a bib around my neck.

    Nope, no non-leather shoes for me. I'm not doing it to make any kind of grand statement. Just trying to shrink my bootay.

  10. Thanks, Travel Girl! Meatatarians...I love that!

  11. I've kind of naturally leaned to less meat. I don't crave it, but I eat greens like a cow, sans the farts. Stick with it. You'll notice the change.

  12. Wow, long time to be vegan, good job. I all but quit eating meat about 3 months ago to help with my acid reflux, and now I don't even want a steak. And I like my steaks, all cold in the middle and bloody...mmmm. But I had one the other day and ate a bite or two. I'll be interested to see if you can actually eat that steak you are working towards. Good job with your commitment!

  13. Carlos,
    Really? You don't crave meat? Hmmm....I guess I'll see how much longer I can hold out.

  14. D-Jake,

    I started because I was supposed to have my gall bladder out and figured there must be a better way. No pain since switching to this eating plan.

    I like a little blood on my plate, too. How can something that feels so right be so wrong?

  15. Good luck - it does take your body a while to get used to a different diet.
    I've just gone from Vegetarian to meat eater. Had my first steak in 17 years last week. I smelled particularly ripe for the next couple of days.

  16. Writer's Block,
    OMG, 17 years? Yes, I wouldn't have wanted to be downwind from you.

  17. I can't imagine giving up eggs, butter, and cheese. And this is coming from someone who hasn't eaten meat or poultry in 33 years. More power to you!

  18. Frankie,
    No meat or poultry for 33 years? Wow. Giving up eggs was tough. I LOVE eggs. I was eating a dozen a week. And those were the real ones. Not that eggbeater crap.


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