Do boys make passes at girls who wear glasses?

Monday, June 15, 2009

I think it’s important to test the market occasionally to measure the viability of what you’re trying to sell. I’m selling me, myself and I so I thought I would try the same unscientific experiment that I utilized in February.

I discovered this dating website that lets you post a picture of yourself and have the site users “rate” you. Back in February, I decided to post a picture of myself after I cut 8 inches off my hair. You can see the results here.

I don’t really pay much attention to how the women voted because hey, women are bitches.

This time around, I wanted to see if boys really do make passes at girls who wear glasses. As you can see from the figures below, I didn’t fare a whole lot different than when I wasn’t wearing glasses.


Average (77 votes) 6.31

18-25 (18 votes) 5.61

26-32 (15 votes) 5.53

33-40 (15 votes) 7.33

41+ (29 votes) 6.62


Average (6 votes) 5.33

18-25 (2 votes) 6.5

26-32 (0 votes)

33-40 (2 votes) 4.5

41+ (2 votes) 5

However, to take it one step further, the first time around, my inbox was inundated with introductory emails from men interested in getting to know me. Okay, inundated might be an exaggeration but there were a whole bunch.

Interestingly enough, this time I only got 5 emails in the same weekend time frame. So, let’s analyze this. They obviously think my “attractiveness” factor was the same as Chrissy sans glasses, so why the disparity?

Do I look more intelligent? Is it that men want to be in relationships with women they don’t have to talk to and that I look like I might jump into a discussion of quantum physics or worse yet, ask him what he’s feeling?

Do I look less intelligent? Does my spectacled face bring back memories of nerdy Lisa Loopner?

Maybe they're just not buying what I'm selling anymore...

Nahhhhh! It was the perfect segue, though, wasn't it?


  1. In this age (well, any age) of airheaded bimbos, perhaps the glasses reflect a sharp wit or intelligent humor. If you jump into quantum physics, however, you're toast. And if you're not toast after that, you're on the wrong dating website.

  2. I think you look great in glasses, and as I see you in them I can't help but assume you must be extremely intelligent. I got Lasik so now to seem intelligent I just tell people I'm sleeping with Stephen Hawking.

  3. Interesting post and more interesting figures. As for me I am attracted to a specific kind of glasses, not the typical roundish or squarish etc. Frankly, beuty is appreciated in all its forms

  4. Your're blessed you look great with or without glasse and with long or shorter hair. Yes, I'm envious.

  5. I've tried playing the airheaded bimbo and I just can't do it. I annoy myself. My web dating days ended with Manly Man. Too many people misrepresenting themselves.

  6. Thanks, Sharon. I'm jealous. I would love to get Lasik. Give Stephen a kiss for me. I'm a big fan.

  7. Whisper,
    You're right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Thanks, Funny Girl. I guess all women aren't bitches. :-)

  9. Okay, when I clicked over and saw the short-hair picture, I gotta be honest - my first thought was, "Where's Laverne?"

    Since Theresa reads your blog regularly, I'm going to withdraw from voting.

  10. If I may be so bold and speak for the male population: We DO make passes at girls who wear glasses. Also, we make passes at girls who don't wear glasses. We frequently make passes at girls with wedding rings, too. And sometimes, if we have had enough to drink, we will make passes at girls who who wear glasses, only to find out later that we were lying on the hood of a car and the "glasses" was really a windshield.

    My point (yah, I do have one) is this: Don't try to figure us out. We're not complicated.

  11. Wow! I saw your long hair, short hair comparison and to be honest, I love the shorter hair. Since Chris is a wuss and won't comment, I will. So, here's hoping that I don't sound like a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that), I think you're very pretty, with or without glasses.

  12. YOU are fantastic short hair and long hair, glasses or no glasses, manly man or no manly man or man at all for that matter...

    Didn't we just lok grand thgouh with the young boy waiter and we both pulled out our glasses to read the menu?

    What a bitch getting
    Forget that site, they don't know whta they're talking about. But I do admire you for putting it out there...something I wouldn't do! :-)

  13. Where's Laverne? I don't get it Squiggy.

  14. Too funny, Jeff! I know. I'm overthinking it.

  15. Thank you, Theresa! And if you ever get tired of Chris, you know where to find me. wink wink..

  16. Nancy,
    That's why I love you so much. But what about bald? Don't you think I would be pretty bald?!?

  17. I'd like to second Jeff's comment. And if I may answer for Nancy, you'd look enchanting bald.

  18. Well...I happen to think you're gorgeous with long hair, short hair, no glasses or yes glasses.

    And not only are you gorgeous, but your intelligent and humorous.

    It's funny, but I'm someone who finds glasses sexy. I'm always noticing people who wear glasses more so than people without.

    Maybe deep down I'm a NERD!?

  19. I've always had a thing for girls with glasses. I think I like the a naughty librarian look.haha

  20. That's so sweet, Ron, thank you! You know, I never really thought much about them until I started wearing them more often a few years ago. Now I notice them all the time.

    Deep down, aren't we all a little nerdy?

  21. Interesting, Judge. When I had long hair, I would wear it up and put my glasses on for the librarian look. I got more comments from men that day about how nice I looked.

    Now I know why!

  22. That's right. Every single man who saw you was picturing that movie moment where you let your hair down, and fling off your glasses.

    "Why, Mrs. Habersham," we picture ourselves saying, "you look ravishing!"

  23. Mrs. Habersham. That's hysterical!

  24. Okay, Chrissy, What I meant was that in that one picture you look like Shirley Feeney.

    Who was hot.

    So there.

  25. Ohhhhh...Shirley Feeney. Thanks. That means I would be dating the Big Ragu!


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