10 More things you never wanted to know about me

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1. I wanted to be Nancy Drew growing up
2. I love flea markets
3. I'm a big baseball fan
4. I hate my feet
5. I love fireworks
6. I always pick up a penny when I see one on the ground
7. Apples are my favorite fruit
8. I'm not a cat person. At all
9. Christmas is my favorite holiday
10. I can sleep anytime, anywhere


  1. With you on number 10. My Father swears I fell asleep on the back of his motorbike as a child.

  2. You scoop "tails up" pennies? Isn't that that breaking a mirror, or an entire hall of mirrors?

  3. I'm laughing at MVD's comment.

    You're too funny, man!!!

    I too pick up pennies. However, they must be face up.

    * I wonder if I'm superstitious?


  4. I don't hate my feet, but I hate feet in general. I just find them repulsive. I also can sleep anytime, anywhere. I feel you on that.

  5. I'm with you on #3 and #8. Don't know about #4, since I've never seen your feet.

  6. Writer's Block,
    I guess you must have been strapped in pretty well to live to tell about it.

  7. MVD & Ron,
    You know, I used to just pick up the "heads up" ones but then I heard a sermon that said "if you avoid picking up a penny because you think it's worthless, then how can you ever think you'll live a life of abundance if you can't even appreciate the small gifts." From that day on, I picked 'em up.

    However, I do mutter under my breath, "see a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck."

  8. Kim,
    Yes, in general, feet are gross. I don't get those foot fetish guys. EWWWW!!

  9. Chris,
    Trust me, you don't want to see them.

  10. I wanted to be Nancy Drew, too! But always secretly feared I was the pudgy boring friend Bess.

  11. Great list. Can relate with most of them, especially #8. I think Halloween rocks, but Christmas is a close second.

  12. Frankie,
    You're so funny! There were only two of us who pretended so I was Nancy and my friend was George.

  13. Theresa,
    I do love Halloween, too. I always decorate my yard and people I think I must have kids.

  14. I have slept 12 hrs in gravel on the side of an interstate highway. Long story.
    If you love apples, I recently discovered pink lady apples and wrote an as-of-yet unpublished or typed blog. For now, just know that they're awesome.

  15. Carlos,

    I've always been a Fuji gal. I'll have to give the Pink Lady a try.

    Please blog about your gravel pillow. I would love to hear THAT story.

  16. I totally wanted to be Nancy Drew.

    I love flea markets- my grandparents used be vendors when I was a kid, so I grew up around them.

    Finding pennies on the sidewalk makes me happy. Happier than finding quarters, which I also pick up, by the way.

    I hate the way my feet look, but I love my feet because they are such troopers- they take me all over the place and rarely complain.

  17. Nanodance,

    I didn't realize so many of us had that Nancy Drew wish. And hanging out with the Hardy Boys wouldn't have sucked, either.

    What a fun childhood you must have had. So many adventures at the flea markets.


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