Bernie goes to the vet

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I decided to switch vets because it seemed like the last one just didn't really like animals very much. And he was very accusatory about everything. "She's gained a pound. What are YOU doing to her??"

My sister recommended a vet close to where I live so I made an appointment for last Saturday. I was disappointed when I got there to find that she was out and that someone was filling in for her. The first thing that the substitute vet said was that she was very concerned with the size of Bernie's belly. I explained to her that she had this belly when I brought her home 2 years ago and that I had been told that she was a puppy mill dog and had the distended belly from having so many babies.

Substitute vet also told me Bernie had a heart murmur that on a scale of 1-6, was pretty significant at a 4. She thought it would be best to do some x rays and an organ scan to see what was going on.

The results showed that Bernie's liver is a little enlarged and that her liver enzymes are elevated. She informed me that 99% of veterinary offices still use traditional x ray film but that this office used digital so she would feel more comfortable with the doctor evaluating the information when she got back.

The news wasn't great. She said that Bernie has an enlarged heart and an enlarged liver. They want to run some additional tests but she said that in the meantime I shouldn't walk her very far so as not to put too much strain on her heart. "We wouldn't want it to give out."

I guess I knew that by adopting an older dog, my time with her would be shorter but I'm heartbroken to think that I might lose her sooner than I'm prepared for. I suppose the good news is that there are so many advances in veterinary care today. I'm trying to be positive and weigh our options.

God bless anyone with kids. I don't know how you do it when I can't even deal with this.


  1. Awwww, I'm sorry to hear all that bad news! Hopefully something can be done to keep Bernie with you and healthy for a long time to come. Stay positive. ;-)

  2. Good luck, Bernie! It doesn't surprise me that your pup has a bigger heart than normal. Most dogs have big hearts (metaphorically, anyway).

    I was going to crack wise about a dog's liver problems, but you're probably not in the mood. So I'll just wish you and Bernie well. Good dog!

  3. God Bless You, Chrissy for adopting an older dog as so many are passed over for the puppies. I know how you feel, I can not imagine what would happen to me if anything happened to Lucy or Ellie-Mae..I would be a complete basket case. Weigh ALL of the options out there. My good friend and neighbor at RealityBites, prolonged her dogs life in a healthy and happy way for one full year with accupuncture, holistic and traditional medical treatments along with daily fluids for Pepper. Don't let any vet turn his or her nose up to the suggestion...

    Best of health to you and Bernie. Good Girl, Pretty Baby, kiss kiss!

  4. Yes, Chrissy...take the time to weigh your options. And I was going to suggest the same as Funny Girl...if you can, look into holistic and alternative methods. I used that on both my cats when they were diagnosed with hyperthyroid and it helped tremendously. I took the advise of an alternative health vet and she was marvelous.

    Sharing much "good energy" with you and Bernie!

    LOVE YA BERN...woof!

    You take care, Chrissy!


    P.S. Bernie's tummy is adorable!

  5. I hope all turns out well. Bernie looks like a pretty happy dog.

  6. Thanks, Judge. I'm hoping so, too!

  7. Thanks, Chris. Yes, she certainly does have a big heart.

  8. Funny Girl,

    Thanks for the support and kisses. Actually, a holistic approach was the first thing I thought of. I need to look into it more but I think I'll go conventional to at least get her heart in better shape right now.

  9. Thanks, Ron. That's so encouraging that an alternative approach worked for your cats. I definitely want to see what I can find out about that.

    Isn't her belly hysterical? She's my little Buddah. Bernie sends kisses back!

  10. Thanks, Carlos. She is a happy dog. That's what's so discouraging. You can't tell anything is wrong with her.

  11. I'm sorry Chrissy. It was really hard when I had to put Ferris and Cameron down a couple of years ago. Funny how things work out though...that's when Stuey showed up!

    Let me know if I can help with anything...anything at all.

  12. Thanks, Nancy. It never gets any easier, does it?


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