They're baaaaaack

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You remember when I first introduced you to the Griswolds down the block, right? They're the family with the OVER THE TOP holiday decorations.

Halloween, 2009

Christmas, 2009.

Modified from the year before when their all night caroler display prompted multiple calls to the police. In two different cities! Yes, it was THAT loud.

This past June, during a terrible thunderstorm, they lost their front tree and part of their house.

We weren't sure if the Griswolds would dazzle again after the great tree tragedy.

But they did...

And do you know why....?

Because they're the Griswolds, dammit!


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  2. I'm glad all of their yard sale items light up. You'd never be able to see them at night otherwise.

  3. When the going gets tough the tough get Grizzy.
    Gotta love the Griswold's LOL

    I take it you and the tree guy never hooked up? He had an eye on ya.

  4. It's nice to see the economy has not put a damper on their holiday spirit.

  5. They must have WAY more storage than I do. What do you think the inside of their house looks like? Are they a candidate for Hoarders?

  6. are so funny, girl!

    Yes, I do remember last year when you shared with us the delightful world of the Griswolds. And I think I commented...

    "Talk about sensory overload!"


    But hey, at least they got the SPIRIT!


  7. @Laoch of Chicago,

    I get to drive past it every day. Please don't hate me. :-)

    @Beau Horner,
    I WISH I had a video camera because 80% of this stuff blinked or moved.

    @Simply Suthern,
    HA! No, it didn't work out with the tree guy.

    @Travel Girl,
    Really! I don't even leave a light on when I leave a room.

    @Comet Girl,
    I was thinking the same thing. They probably sleep on top of the tombstones during the off season.

    Well, yeah, nobody would ever accuse them of being Grinches or whatever you call people who don't celebrate Halloween

  8. When I was a kid, I always wanted to BE that house with the myriad of decorations piled on with little regard to the appearance of the final product. As soon as late September hit, I would begin my campaign and it wouldn't die down until sometime in January. My parents must have the resolve of gods not to have given in.

    I think I've mostly grown out of it (thank goodness probably). Now all I want is one of those Christmas deer made out of lights, and I've pretty much given up on gaudy Halloween decor altogether. I think my little brother is taking up that mantle...


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