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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’ve lost 9.7 pounds so far on Weight Watchers. Not as much as I was hoping for but it’s coming off slow and steady, so I guess that’s a good thing here in my 5th week.

Last week, I decided to change my weigh-in day to Saturday morning. I always weigh less in the morning than by the time I go to my regular 7PM meeting and it’s really discouraging. The Saturday meeting is in a Weight Watchers center instead of a rented room and there are pros and cons to this.

The pros are that everything is electronic so all of my info is already in the computer. It’s a much larger space to accommodate more people and they have the WW books, snacks and other items readily available for purchase so that’s nice, too. What it lacks, though, is the intimacy and camaraderie of the smaller group.

Oh and did I mention that more people means more idiots? Now, not to knock anyone…because we’re all there to try to lose weight…but some people are just too stupid for words.

I arrived there early and when I walked into the meeting room, the class leader was talking to this woman who kept saying over and over how she’s hungry all the time. So the class leader gave her suggestion after suggestion to try to find new food combinations that would satisfy her hunger.

No such luck because she had a reason why each suggestion wouldn’t work. I could tell that the class leader was getting a little impatient because I saw her eyes scanning the room, looking for an out. She got it when Stupid Lady stopped talking for a minute and she could run over to talk to someone else. I made the mistake of sitting down across the aisle from Stupid Lady and I could feel her looking at me so I pretended to read the bulletin board which I couldn’t even see without my glasses.

Then! She takes some sort of chocolate bar out of her purse and starts eating! I wanted turn to her and say, “Really? You can’t get through a 30 minute meeting without eating, you psycho weirdo? Well, no wonder you’re fat!”

But I just kept my comments to myself and waited for the class to start. The team leader was a Jillian Michaels type, only not hot at all, so instead of being turned on by her bossiness, I was annoyed by it.

But God Bless her. How she had the patience to listen to people recite how they made their vegetables the night before is beyond me. I guess the classroom setting just isn’t for me. I do like the program and since I’m paid up through November 6, I’ll just keep doing it on my own after that.

It must be working to elevate my mood as well because I no longer want to bitch slap people when they ask me how my day is going.



  1. Hey Chrissy! Ten pounds? That's superb! Well played, I know how bloody hard it is. As for handbag lady, she's wasting her WW money and everyone's time. Hungry does not equal chocolate! *tummy rumbles* Though sometimes it does ;> Indigo x

  2. Ok, first I have to say a BIG congrats for the almost 10 pounds you've lost!

    WAY TO GO!

    Honestly, I hear from so many people that Weight Watchers is really the way to go because not only does it work, but it also works at a pace that suits your individual body metabolism. AND...that WW is simply a great way to eat all the time.

    "It must be working to elevate my mood as well because I no longer want to bitch slap people when they ask me how my day is going."


    Oh, I love you, girl!


  3. Hilarious! I did WW last year and actually started to enjoy the food and excercise for a while...FOR A WHILE! It's def a lifestyle change, not just a diet! Keep it up!

  4. @Indigo,
    Thanks. I know you can appreciate the challenge.

    That's what's so cool about WW, though. If I want the chocolate, I can actually HAVE it! I'm amazed by it, really.


    Thanks. Yay, me! It is pretty easy to follow since it lets you have what you like, only in moderation.

    Yep, no more bitch slaps!

    Yes it certainly IS a l
    ifestyle change. Baby steps...



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