Day One

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You may recall my story about the famous "Vinny". He's the cat that's lived next door to my parents for the last three years. He's an outdoor cat and he's earned quite the reputation in the neighborhood for ruling the streets.

Well, his run has come to an end. Sort of. Marla and Andy, Vinny's humans, are having their third child and decided that it was time for Vinny to find a new home. Now, he has a number of surrogate families in the neighborhood already so I'm sure any one of them would have taken him.

However, this sweet little tiger cat found a special place in my heart over the last year when I was making almost daily trips to see my Dad. He would meow loudly at me from his driveway and then saunter over to say hello. Once we got to know each other a little better, I would bring him treats and he would leave me dead mice. I think we were destined to be together.

So when the opportunity came along, this diehard dog lover decided to welcome this cat into her home. Unfortunately, Bernie wasn't aware of the plan ahead of time but here we are in hour three and so far, so good!

You guys know how mellow Bernie is. I mean, she's practically a stuffed animal so I wasn't too worried about her but Vinny doesn't know how laid back she is, so he's already hissed at her a few times which has caused her to run away. Way to stand up for yourself, Bern!

Surprisingly, after Vinny made himself comfy on the bed, Bernie came into the bedroom and walked right over to her bed with nary a flinch.

"Here comes that damn dog again."

Could this be a match made in heaven? I'll keep you posted!


  1. LOL, Stuffed animal? Loved that. She is rather low strung aint she? It usually goes fine if the dog aint a cat hater. My Lab lets the cats abuse her. Good luck with this.

    Good to see you again.
    Take care.

  2. OH. MY. GOD.

    I repeat.

    OH. MY. GOD.

    I never, ever, never, ever thought I'd see the day when you would have a CAT?!?!?

    *jumping up and down*


    You're gonna LOVE having a cat. As you know I love dogs too, but a cat is something completely different, yet equally as fabulous as a dog in their own way.

    OMG, Vinny is soooo cute! And being a male kitty I'm sure he's very affectionate and loving. I've had both male and female cats, and have found that the males act more like dogs.

    The photo of Vinny and Bernie is adorable. I can tell that they'll end up being the best of friends.

    Congradulations, girl! I'm so happy for you. And I hope Vinny knows what a wonderful owner he has in you!

    (((( Chrissy ))))


  3. Nice, congratulations on your new family member.

  4. I'm not really a cat person either, but that's a good lookin' cat! And somehow, Bernie and Vinnie look like they go together. Congrats to all three of you!

  5. Oh...this made my day. I grind my teeth when I read stuff like 'Moving, must find home for...' and to know that you have taken on the responsibility of 'cementing' the relationship that started in the driveway, makes me happy for both you and Vinny. I look forward to seeing how this blending of species works...Vinny is street wise and Bernie looks wise enough, too...

  6. I think the more relaxed you are about bring the two animals together, the easier it is. They can sense those things. And it was very kind of you to take this kitty in. Peace.

  7. Congratulations on your new fur baby...

  8. Awww! Vinny is so damn cute! I'm sure they'll get along just fine. Big Meow will come over and rub up against Stuey and Stuey gets this look on his face like..."cat."
    He can't say it like "CAT!" because he makes sure he's not moving. An inch. It's hysterical.


  9. @Simply Suthern,
    Bernie seems pretty indifferent so I think it will all work out. Thanks!

    Iknow! Me with a cat! You're absolutely right about male cats, well this male cat, at least. He's so affectionate like a dog. He's sleeping by my feet as a I type!

    @Laoch of Chicago,

    Thanks! I think they'll make it. :-)

    @Teri and the cats of furrydance,
    I know what you mean. When I see the bulletin board in the pet store, I just want to bring them all home! Thanks.

    @middle child,
    Thanks. Yes, I wasn't stressed about. I knew they were both pretty mellow.

    @Travel Girl,

    That's funny. Bernie kinds of freezes up, too, but Vinny doesn't get too close yet.

    @Project Savior,
    Yes, he's a cutie, isn't he? Love his white paws.

    Adults, too!

  10. Congratulations! How are things going? My dog and cat are BEST friends, I think your two will do great together! :o)

  11. @Krista,
    Thanks! I'm amazed by how well they're both doing. I think once they get used to each other, they might actually enjoy having the company. :-)


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