Secondhand Sunday

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sundays are my Secondhand day. I'm basically too lazy to think of anything new to say so I re-post a "vintage" entry.

If you aren't in the mood for repeats, please feel free to change the channel.

"Believe in yourself"

Original Post Date, February 19, 2010

I know I bitch about my weight, um....all the time. But for the most part, I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I've earned the wisdom of age and apart from a few neuroses, I wouldn't change a thing.

The first thing I do when I get home from work is pull my hair back completely off my face, take off my "work clothes" and wash my makeup off. Tonight, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up a prescription so after dinner, I headed out.

As I was walking through the mega grocery store to the pharmacy, I waved hello to the produce guy, and smiled at strangers I passed along the way. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. The Chrissy of 10 years ago, 5 even, would never have ventured out without full makeup, perfectly coiffed hair and a stylish outfit. Wow, I must have really reached a new level of confidence.

I stopped at the floral shop, where an old lady was looking at the bouquets in the cooler. I walked up next to her and saw that she had her hair pulled back in a bun, nary a stitch of makeup on and was wearing a mis-matched ensemble. She mumbled something to herself, starting laughing and walked away with a bunch of daisies.

I looked back and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirrored display case. I was wearing my hair in a bun, I had nary a stitch of makeup on and a tug on my pant legs revealed two mis-matched socks.

Maybe I'm not so "confident in my skin", after all.

Maybe I just don't give a crap anymore.


  1. That's the beauty of being old(er). We just don't have the time or energy...

    For the record - you are FABULOUS. Any way you slice it.

  2. Ya dont have to be Dolled Up to be beautiful.

  3. LOVED reading this again!

    The photo is PRICELESS!

    (looks like me)

    Hope you and Bern had a super weekend!


  4. @Christine,
    Isn't that the truth? The time I wasted "getting ready." You're a sweetheart, thank you!

    @Simply Suthern,
    Aw, shucks...

    Thanks. You're so silly!

  5. I recognize that lady - isn't she running for the Ohio senate in November?


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