Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay, the first week with Vinny was fantastic. He and Bernie were finding their way with each other and it seemed like we would all be able to live together as one big happy family.


Vinny has started peeing. On everything. At first he was limiting himself to Bernie stuff. Her bed, her blanket, where she lays on the rug. And then Wednesday morning I woke up to a big pee stain in the middle of a sofa cushion.

I took the cushions off and sprayed them with Urine Gone and by the end of the day, the smell had dissipated. I started getting dinner ready and when I came back in the living room, BERNIE had peed on the sofa. I guess she was upset that Vinny peed on HER sofa.


I was so disgusted that the next day, I dragged my sofa to the tree lawn and let it meet its final death in the rain. Granted, I really needed a new sofa but I could have waited to purchase a new one. Now I have to fight with Bernie over who gets to sit in the ONE chair. My living room looks like a squatter has taken over a vacant home.

My biggest fear is that Vinny will pee on my bed. I can't afford to throw that on the tree lawn too.

I clean his litter box twice a day so that's not the issue. I know he has a lot of stress factors.

Outdoor cat becoming indoor cat

New owner/new home

Living with a dog

I'm doting attention on him which he seems to love and I know he never had. I've bought him every toy and treat known to man. I even turn off my heat and open my windows wide so he can sit in the window sill and get some fresh air.

I'm at my wit's end! I don't want to give him back but I can't afford to replace all the furniture in the house. Especially now, since poor aging Bernie needs to see an internal medicine specialist vet for some newly developed health issues. (I know! I didn't know internal medicine vets existed, either!)

Can you help us??


  1. I had the same thing happen with my one male cat as he grew from being a kitten, to an adult. He started marking his territory (by peeing) to differentiate HIS spot from my other cat.

    Question? Is Vinny neutered? Because after I had Jerry neutered, he stopped spraying. Or it could just be that Vinny is adjusting to his new surroundings. Whatever you do, keep your bedroom door closed so he can't pee on your bed!

    That photo of Bernie is ADORABLE!!!


  2. He is neutered already. I'm hoping that he's just adjusting but I'm also hoping it doesn't take him too long. Thanks for the advice!

    I know, isn't she the sweetest? That was right after I took the sofa out. She kept looking at me like, "where am I supposed to sit now?"

  3. I know nothing about cats. I know with a dog the trainer would tell you (ahem, me) that by giving the animal all the toys, all the affection, everything the animal wants and no rules or discipline you are becoming their "servant" and the "master" (the animal--the pack leader!) is asserting their dominion. In my case, it was Seamus barking incessantly if he was left alone. In your case, I guess that's the peeing. But how does one discipline/ give rules to a cat?? No idea. (Aren't you glad I posted? ;-) But much sympathy!

    Also, Seamus has been to a veterinarian oncologist, so of course there is a internal medicine vet! All the best to all the creatures of your household.

  4. Sorry to hear you're having this problem Chrissy.
    Unfortunately I'm a dog person not a cat person.
    It does sound like the spraying thing is a territory issue, but I understand your concern that this may be a behaviour that continues on.

    A friend of mine had a cat that used to poo in her suitcase when she was going away on holidays so everytime she packed her suitcase she had to keep the lid shut so the cat couldn't express its displeasure at her imminent departure.

  5. When a cat urinates other than the litter box it's a health issue. I've had cats all my life. It could be a UTI. Call a vet. Hope it helps.

  6. @Teresa,
    Exactly! How DO you give rules to a cat?

    Of course, what was I thinking? Yay to the specialist who saved Seamus!

    He hasn't peed in a day so I'll call that a small victory. I'll be sure not to travel anytime soon. :-)

    I just took him to the vet last week and he had a full clean bill of health! I think he just need some Valium. I know I do! Thanks.

  7. I'm still hung up on "Urine Gone." What refreshing simplicity.


  9. A friend of mine swears by using pheromones. It's a spray thing, I forget the name, but you can try googling for it. Basically it makes cats all happy and such. Assuming that the cat is peeing because he/she is stressed/upset. If the cat still pees after a few days of happy smells, might be something to bring up with a vet.


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