Monday Morning Bernie

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm not coming out from under this desk until you promise I won't get a bath.


  1. ooh what did I do? Look at those guilty eyes!

  2. Poor thing. Were you berating her? She has a "you're a bad dog!" look about her. She needs a cuddle.

  3. oh, you'll smell better after your 'spa treatment' so go for it!

  4. Oh, Chrissie! I swear...I don't ever want you to take this post off! I just loooove seeing this sweet little face on my sidebar/iGoogle homepage. Sweet little Bernie...

    Boy, she really knows how to wedge herself in there, doesn't she?

    I've missed you, girlfriend! xoxo

  5. OMG! Look at that cute snuggly tummy!!!

  6. What beagles do best. what a face!

  7. How cute. One of my dogs always heads for under the bed at bath time. The other one, the fat one, hides in the corner, like somehow I can't see her there. Maybe she thinks she has a canine invisibility cloak. I don't know. They only hide under the desk when it's storming (yeah, because next to power cords is the safest place to be).

  8. Dude, your dog is in serious need of a diet. She's super cute, though!

  9. Hi Chrissy!

    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and see how you are doing.

    Miss your posts and miss YOU!

    (((( Chrissy ))))

    X to you and Bern

  10. nah I'm bigger than you so you're havin' a bath

  11. @Anonymous,
    Actually, she has Cushing's Disease which causes her distended belly. You're right, she's cute in spite of it!

    Hi Ronnie! SO good to hear from you. Just doing a little resting and recuping, spending time with Mom. Thanks for thinking of us! xoxo

    And that's exactly what happened! :-)


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