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Friday, May 29, 2009

I got the boot. Again.

When I started this blog in January, I looked around the vast blogging world to see what was out there and I started following two very sweet, simple blogs.

The first was created by a woman about my age who had a little boy and a Beagle. I think you know what the draw was for me. And no, it wasn't the little boy or the Mom. I checked in daily to see what shenanigans her son or puppy had gotten into. I commented on a few of her posts and she commented on mine.

About a month ago, I clicked on her link in my favorites and got this message:

"This blog is for invited readers only."

I thought it must be an error so I clicked it again.

"This blog is for invited readers only."

I checked my email, certain that the invitation link would be found there.


I give this woman three months of my life and this is the thanks I get in return? Does she think she's better than me?


When I told Bernie what happened, this was her reaction.

Well, I still had my sweet, little family of three who live in a blue house. They go on lots of family outings, Easter egg hunts and car rides. No one is bitching about the economy or the jerk they work with.

"Here's Munchkinetta with her new umbrella."

Sweet, simple stuff.

I went to check in with them last night.

"This blog is for invited readers only."

I knew it wasn't a mistake this time. Mr. & Mrs. Wholesome realized that a stripper chick who wears strap ons, talks about poop and who may or may not have Anorgasmia has been following them. What will their priest say when he logs on to see Munchkinetta's First Communion photos and sees me? Mon Dieu!

Get over your holier than thou selves! You're lucky I was following your stupid little blog. And Munchkinetta? Not so cute.

So, to any of you that I'm following..if you decide to make your blog an "invited readers only" one...don't worry, I won't take it personally.


  1. They're all whores, Chrissy. I've been waiting for that heartbreaking moment when I lose a follower, let alone scraping them off.

  2. Chrissy, let me just say here and now, that you are ALWAYS invited to Maugeritaville. "Invited readers only" . . . how hoity-toity is THAT?

    Maybe she's only decided to invite the inbred, low-life, douchebaggified sphincter biscuits that actually find her pathetic little vomit-blog entertaining.

    And her dog has fleas.

    (I won't talk trash about her child. He's innocent)

  3. I'm a stranger that follows your blog. I hope you don't mind. A lot of blogs I read have been going private latley. Paranoia is running rampant in blog land.

  4. Stop moaning Chrissy! You are still a member of HumorBloggers....bitch.

  5. I'm grateful for all three of my followers, and will never give them the boot! The hell with the family that booted you! Pictures and videos of kids are overrated anyway.

  6. Thank you for your support, Carlos. They ARE all whores.
    Scraping them off. That's good.

  7. Chris,

    Thank you!
    Yeah! Yeah! Hoity toity a holes.

  8. Christine,

    I LOVE that you follow my blog! Thank you.

    I say that if you have to have an invited only blog, establish it that way up front of just go on Facebook.

  9. Woops, Sorry. I meant ChristinA. :)

  10. Good point, Nancy. Thanks, I feel better now. Bitch.

  11. Thanks, Judge. And we will never leave you!

  12. Chrissy, I love your blog and I am glad that you follow are ubber cool! Love the Beagle.

  13. YOU GO, BERNIE!!!!

    OMG...that picture made me HOWL!!!

    Listen Chrissy, you've got one hell of a FAAAABULOUS blog. It's just that some people have a broom handle stuck in their TIGHT ASS and no sense of humor - how sad.

    Keep on blogging, girl!

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  14. Why anyone who bends words into the daily shenanigans of some kid and his mutt feels that the material is uber-confidential will always defy logic.

    One needs a password to see photos of a dog licking his ass? We're really circling the bowl here.

  15. WOW! By invitation only? Then why even waste space? She should just send the usual xmas card pic with written updates inside. AH, but then she would have to pay postage & blogging is free. Well, whatever she is, cheapskate or control freak, you have better, more intelligent blogs to read & friends who want you to read them!

  16. OMG! I'm still laughing. Hilarious Blog! Great pic of your Beagle. I guess they wouldn't like my poop stories either. F**k'em. And for the record, I'm proud to know the stripper chick. Strap-on users unite!

  17. Thanks, Funny Girl! Glad you're here.

  18. Ron,
    Yes, Bernie stuck her tongue out at just the right time.
    Thank you! I love you guys too!!

  19. Yes, MVD, apparently you need top level security clearance. What is the world becoming??

  20. Thanks, Theresa! Wait.....strap on users unite? Is there something you need to tell us??

  21. Collette,

    I AGREE. Why even set it up in the first place? Yes, you guys are a far better read anyway! :-)

  22. roflmao, you are welcome to my blog anytime, poop is a favorite topic of mine. Actually I haven't talked about it in a while, it is due time!


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