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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have about 300+ cable channels but really only watch about 10 of them. Every once in a while, I start flipping through channels to see what else is out there.

I've decided that my new favorite channel is BBC America. If it's weird or somehow taboo, they do a documentary on it. The best has been a show called My Fake Baby. It follows the lives of women who "adopt" these lifelike dolls or reborns, as they're called and treat them like they're real babies. They brush their hair, change their diapers and stroll them around town. One even bought a $300 outfit to bring the baby home in.

They also feature a woman who creates the dolls. It's disturbing how real these dolls look but the most disturbing thing is how the people who own them treat them like they're alive. Talk about issues..

Since I don't have any children of my own and I have lots of issues, I thought maybe I should look into adopting my own reborn. I think this one looks the most like me.


  1. Yeah, those babies are a little unsettling. I wonder if I can get one of my adult grandparents. I loved them so.

  2. LOL re the monkey baby. I've seen these dolls before. They are amazingly lifelike. Except that one with the giant eyes, which is just kind of creepy.

  3. You friggin kill me..Laughing too hard, my ribs are sore. Thanks!

  4. Are you kidding me? A fake baby? Wait a sec...they never grow up, which means they'll never ask for money, crash my car, give me gray hair...Hey, sign me up! Funny funny blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Chrissy....YOU CRACK ME THE HELL UP!!!

    First of all, without a doubt, YOUR baby is so much prettier than the first three!

    And secondly, I can't believe those babies are not REAL!?!? OMG...that's too damn FREAKY!

  6. You know, Carlos, I'm sure for the right price. Oh, how creepy would that be?

  7. Frankie,
    I couldn't believe the one reborn website had this orangutan. I would love to know who requested that one.

  8. Funny girl,
    I just report the news. I don't make this stuff up!

  9. Theresa,
    I know! When you do the math, maybe they really AREN'T so crazy?

  10. Ron,
    Aren't they freakishly real? And one woman wheels the baby around a grocery store and loves the admiration from all the people.

    I could see wheeling my monkey around the A&P. Put some bananas in the stroller...


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