Is my gray hair showing?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My sister has been lamenting about the 4 or 5 gray hairs that have shown up on her head lately. As you know, she's 45 and, though I would never tell her this, she looks younger than me. She has perfect skin and has never worn a stitch of makeup in her life. Well, I think there were two weddings that she attended where she stroked on a sliver of eyeshadow. A couple of gray hairs are nothing to lose sleep over.

My mother has been blessed with amazing skin and hair, too. She just turned 81 and you wouldn't guess it. She, like Lisa, doesn't wear makeup often and has never used soap on her face. She still has salt and pepper hair and I don't remember her turning gray until she was well into her 50's.

I, on the other hand, starting wearing makeup just about as soon as I was able to lift the lipstick to my mouth. I attended Barbizon Modeling School when I was 12 and have been cleansing, toning and moisturizing ever since.

And I found my first gray hair at 13. That's right, 13. It's really not a big deal to me at all. They've insidiously taken over my head and if I didn't color my hair, I would most likely be more gray than not.

I think it's just what you're genetically predisposed to. And no, neither one of us takes after our mother because, you see, we were both adopted. None of us are biologically related.

I know, I can hear you now. Well, that explains a lot...

A few of my girlfriends have started freaking out about a few gray hairs, too. Can you see my gray? Get over it, ladies! It's a couple of strands of white hair. It's not the end of the world.

When you get your first gray pube, then we'll talk.


  1. I just turned 42 and I've went from finding one gray hair "here-and-there" to finding "patches". Oh yeah, the grays down below sure hurt when you pluck them. But that's a place I refuse to go gray. Damn you Father Time. True Blog!

  2. Y'all need to quit quibbling over color. If you're lucky enough to still have it, shut the hell up.

  3. You're not going to believe this, but I couldn't WAIT to get my first gray hair. I always wanted to have hair like Ted Knight on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, remember?

    Now that I'm 53, I have TONS of them.

    For some reason whether on a man or woman, I find gray hair so attractive!

    And cool! I use to love their commercials....

    ...."Look like a model!"

  4. I think gray pubes will make me look distinguished.

  5. I don't have any gray hair, and I still have about 98% of it, so I am going to take this post as a reminder to...I guess, get a haircut. Sorry to be to controversial.

  6. Funny, no one ever talks about gray pubes. Their existence ranks as one of the mysteries of the universe. I've never seen Just For Men Pubic Hair, nor have I noticed anything of the sort advertised by the folks at Grecian Formula.

    We live in a society where the lines of sexual taboo have been thoroughly blurred, and in many cases erased ... except there.

  7. I'm with you, Theresa. DAMN YOU, Father Time. I can take all the other aspects of aging just fine.

  8. Chris,
    Um, not just talking about hair on our heads. Are you THAT bald?

  9. Ron,
    I DO remember Ted Knight's hair. And his goofy laugh. How interesting that you wanted his hair. I've been tempted to grow it all out but I think it's too soon.

    I do love that model, Carmen's white hair. She's gorgeous!

  10. You're a funny guy, Carlos.

  11. Good for you, Jeff. Really! You are certainly the exception.

  12. MVD,
    You're absolutely right. Isn't that weird? The only time I ever heard mention of it was in a goofy greeting card but they probably had to discontinue it because no one bought it.

    Well, except me.

  13. Grey is the new black or a medal from mission control..........

  14. My dad's wife went gray at 18. She has Siamese cat blue eyes and strong, almost black eyebrows. With her silver hair, she looks amazing. I wouldn't know if I have gray hair; I haven't seen my real hair color in decades!

  15. Grey is the new black. I LIKE that!

  16. You're so funny, Frankie. That's what my blonde friends say.

    Your Dad's wife sounds stunning.

  17. Gray hair: 18yrs
    First gray nasal hair: 24yrs
    First gray pube: 31yrs

    Not giving a shit about any of it: priceless

    Ahh, it's great to be male!

    1. HAHAHA like Bandanna clubs reply

  18. Nasal hair turns gray that early??


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