Tomato, Tomahto - Pawpaw, Grampaw?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I just read an article last week that in the Fall, a bill was passed designating the tomato as Ohio's official fruit. Ohio Governor Strickland held a ceremonial signing at Miami Trace Elementary in Washington Court House. (yes, that's an actual name of a city) The little bastards, I mean, the children in Christina Schingledecker's class were the ones that started the letter writing campaign.

A tomato. Now maybe I'm the only one. But I thought a tomato was a vegetable.

The news that the tomato was up for consideration was very upsetting to the Pawpaw Grower's Association. They traveled to Columbus to lobby for their banana-like fruit to be the top dog but sadly settled for runner up status and the title of Ohio's official native fruit.

I went into three grocery stores this week and asked the produce managers if they had any Pawpaw fruit. They looked at me and then looked around like they were looking for the Candid Camera crew. Just for fun, I asked them if a tomato was a fruit or vegetable. They all said vegetable.

I rest my case.


  1. I knew it was a fruit only because it has been on those annoying how-smart-are-you quizzes. (Actually, I don't find them annoying at all, I love seeing how smart I am! lol)

    They also used to be considered poisonous. When I was in grade school I read a short story about a British spy who hanged himself (sheesh, what where they thinking letting us read stuff like this in grade school!?!)after serving George Washington tomatoes because he thought he had assassinated him.

    Talk about a loser! lol He blew it on all levels.

  2. Too bad the Pawpaw didn't win. It just sounds funnier. Although, it's not the prettiest fruit. Have you ever eaten one? What do they taste like?

  3. Yeah, avocados are fruits too. I think it should just go by taste. Sweet? Fruit. Not sweet? Vegetable. Heavenly? Ice cream.

    Simple, isn't it?

  4. Hi Marie,

    Well aren't you way smarter than me? This is probably one of the questions on Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? Obviously, I am not.

    Why didn't the guy just wait to see of Washington showed any symptoms? Poor bastard.

    Thanks for stopping by~

  5. I think fruits are categorized as such if their seeds are in the center. Under that definition, I have no idea what a banana is.
    - Smarty Pants.

  6. Whether fruit or vegetable, I think the big news here is that Ohio's leaders aren't afraid to tackle the Big Issues.

  7. Chris,

    Thank you for dumbing it down for me. Let's find some kids to petition to change the state fruit to strawberry sorbet. Yummy.

  8. So wait a minute, Smarty Pants, are you telling me that a cucumber is a fruit?

    I need to sit down..

  9. Too funny, Jeff! That's right. Tomorrow-state flower.

  10. NO! My 7th grad teacher said a tomato is a fruit. Which is it???? Tricky bastards.

  11. Ok...this is freaking me out, because I always thought a tomato was a veggie until someone corrected me and said it was a fruit.

    So what in god's name is it???

    oh...I know....

    a FRU-VEG!

    tee, hee!

  12. You didn't know a tomato was a fruit? I didn't know it was possible not to know that. You get a pass, though, because you're a civilian. The fact that several produce guys, men who have dedicated their lives to the stocking and selling of fruits and vegetables, didn't know is appalling! They should have resigned their positions for dereliction of duty right there on the spot!

  13. Judge,
    You really knew it was a fruit? I had no idea.

    The produce guys probably knew that at one time but they've had one too many watermelons fall off the truck and hit them in the head.

  14. Yep, I knew. It's one of things you learn in school but never really need to apply to any real life situation....Kind of like Roman Numerals.

  15. Yep it is def a fruit. Learned that when I was small. The whole fruit/veggie thing is very confusing. I am glad I just stick to potato chips and Pepsi.

  16. Hi Ettarose,
    You're so funny! I like that thinking.

  17. The picture is a papaya (tropical fruit) The Pawpaw is a northern plant and the fruit is the size of a pear. The taste is compared to banana/custard. Papaya are the size of a football and you can find them in most stores.


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