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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I know I posted this video in a sidebar a month ago, but guess what? You got it again. I just can't get enough and I have to share.

I first heard this song a while back and it took me a few days to find out that the name of the band was Shinedown. I love Brent Smith's voice! He doesn't quite have the effect on me that Chad Kroeger of Nickelback has, but he's good.

I hear Chad sing the first few lines of Savin' Me and I have an uncontrollable urge to drop my panties. I was fully clothed at the end of Second Chance.

I never buy CD's anymore but I broke down and bought Shinedown's, Sound of Madness last week. I've listened to Second Chance so loud and so many times that my neighbors think I've adopted a 15 year old boy.

I think that one line, "Sometimes goodbye is a second chance" speaks volumes and is brilliant in its simplicity. I'm sure we all have moments in our lives that we can look back on and realize that "goodbye" was our second chance.

Party on, Wayne~


  1. I thought it was said, "sometimes restraining orders are a second chance".


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