My Magic Mirror

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I broke my mirror today. What does this remind you of??

I see Cindy and Susie and Charlie and Tommy.....


  1. And here you are smiling away when you must KNOW that's seven more years......

  2. You look so happy that you broke it.

  3. I read somewhere that once you hit 49 years of bad luck, that it starts to go in reverse.

    42 years to go and my luck, she'll a be a changin'!

  4. I almost expect Mr. Do-Bee to leap out from behind your curtain.

  5. I'm thinking to myself...

    ...what fabulous WHITE teeth you have!!!

    Hey listen, having been a hairstylst and having broke like 20 of those mirrors in the past, I can tell you...

    ...I've never believed in bad luck.

    Except for the time that black cat ran in front of my car and the time I walked under a ladder...

    ....and then the IRS caught me for back taxes.


  6. @MVD: Yes! I'm going to go do the Do Bee Dance right now!

    @Ron: Thanks! My dentist is even amazed by the results I get with Crest Whitestrips. I can't drink anything cold for a week but they work!

    I always say, if it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all. :-)

  7. It reminds me of the fine art of Gurning - but for the fact that you're not gurning and it's not a horse collar...

  8. I had to look up Gurning, Grey. Thank you, Wikipedia. That's so funny! Too bad I have all my teeth or I might be a contender.

  9. Missing teeth is not compulsory for gurning, it does help though. I wish *I* could fold by bottom lip over my nose - I'm sure it would make me more popular at parties...

  10. "fold by" [looks surprised] That was supposed to be "fold my"...

    Is my cold so bad my FINGERS are talking with a blocked up nose?!

  11. Uh oh. I ope you feel bedder doon.


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