My left foot

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 the Daniel Day-Lewis movie. This is actually about my left foot.

I went back to the podiatrist on Friday for the results of my MRI. Curiously enough, I haven’t been experiencing as much pain in the last few weeks but it’s probably because I bought these cool new workout shoes.

I was all set to shell out at least a hundred bucks but as luck would have it, Dick’s Sporting Goods was a having a big clearance sale.

Reduced shoe + extra % off - gift card = 43 cents! That's right. Cents.

The doc said that the MRI findings show that I have a condition called Norton’s Neuroma, which I know, sounds awful and “oma” like. It turns out that a neuroma is an injury to the nerves between the toes. He went through the whole spiel about what a neuroma is and then told that he thinks it’s something else. Um...okay.

He says it’s capsulitis, which is similar but it affects a different toe. The ligaments surrounding the joint at the base of the second toe form a “capsule,” which helps the joint to function properly. Capsulitis is a condition in which these ligaments have become inflamed.

It's also known as predislocation syndrome. The brochure that the doc gave me states "the ball of the foot beneath the toe joint takes an excessive amount of weight-bearing pressure."

Shut it! I know there's an excessive amount of weight on it right now.

Capsulitis is a progressive disorder and usually worsens if left untreated so it's best to act on it now before the toe drifts over and lies on top of the big toe. I was going to post a picture but it's far too disturbing.

I'm wearing a splint and this little rubbery thing between my big toe and second toe. Of course, they always look at your shoes and tell you not to wear the "fancy kind". I think the shoes I wear now are pretty stylish and practical. Why, just the other day, a nun was complimenting me on them.

I'm supposed to stay off the foot as much as possible but that's not going to happen. I finally got into a workout routine so I can't stop now.

He did suggest having a custom orthotic made but I just can't do it. That's like resigning yourself to wearing grandma shoes for the rest of your life.

I'm too young.

What if I want to wear f@#! me pumps again?

Oh, wait. This will probably work as long as I never actually stand on them.


  1. "Oh, wait. This will probably work as long as I never actually stand on them."

    Bwhahahahahahahhahahahha! HILARIOUS, Chrissy!

    Between your words and the photo, I laughed my ASS off!

    And WOW....a whole 43 cents!?!?!

    Oh well, it's worth it if they're going to help. And being a foot reflexologist myself, I can tell you that taking care of your feet is so very important.

    Have a FAB day, girl!


  2. Smokin hot tennis shoes.

    Not sure whats wrong with my foot. I think its called Aroma.WhewWW let some air in.

  3. I am granny and I do have many pairs of ((^&^*)-me heels. So, do as the doctor says so you heal properly!!!

  4. You're not supposed to stand on them. The photo shows their correct use. To be displayed way up in the air.

  5. Ok 43 cents is freaking awesome. Both my feet hurt and I went to see my foot doctor and after I spent 600 bucks on custom orthotic's and 100 on effing shoes which thank god my job pays for, 3 adjustment later and both my left feet still hurt yes both feel the same and no better. Foot doctor said well I've done all I could maybe you should stand less at work....WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS I WANT MY MONEY BACK. What to do, I walked into work and put on my most comfortable flip flops and well they weren't happy but my 2 left feet feel better. Oh health and safety told me to where shoes I told them NO!



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