Monday Morning Millie, Vinny & Dino

Monday, January 23, 2012

I guess I'll sleep on the couch tonight!


  1. Well, it certainly seems like everyone is getting along! Happy Monday.

  2. ADORABLE capture, Chrissy!

    LOVE IT!

    Your photo reminds me of when I had cats and they use to love falling asleep on my bed pillows. I never the heart to move them off, so I would sleep on the other end!

    Happy Monday, girl!

    X to you and the gang!

  3. Hey Chrissy! My bro's boxer can occupy the whole bed on his own, and likes to. And much as I'd love a hound, he'd not take my bed. Your babes must be very loved! Indigo x

  4. LOL, my Nina has chosen the place in front of… the toilet! Not the toilet as a room, mind you, but the actual toilet bowl! And she won't be moved unless you kick her (something I really don't like to do). So, normally, I try to sit down, more or less gracefully, without disturbing her, which in the morning must look rather funny, I guess. And turns out dangerous, too, because SHE has the right to move while you try to arrange your hind parts in the right position, hovering, pants down, circliing like an eagle in order not to sit down on the floor...

  5. @Teresa,
    Yes! Vinny has just started sleeping on here at the same time as the dogs so I didn't have the heart to move him.

    Exactly! I honestly thought about sleeping on the couch!

    It's funny because I only let Bernie sleep on the bed when she was sick. Then when Millie came, it was all over. I have FOUR dog beds. I should just sleep in those myself!

    @Dieter Moitzi,
    Nina! Isn't that funny? They pick the weirdest places sometimes.

  6. Chrissy that is so cute. My cats do the same thing and if i try to boot them off my bed they totally get offended. Nice picture made my night.



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