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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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I told you guys that I’ve been busting my butt to get in shape. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m down 10 pounds!

I’ll pause here until the applause subsides….

Thank you!

Only 30 pounds to go!

I knew that once I got a routine going again, I would be able to stick with it. Initially, I tried P90X again, but I just wasn’t feeling it this go around. My friend, Nancy, kept saying “Tracy Anderson….you should try Tracy Anderson….have I told you about Tracy Anderson?” Well, since Tracy Anderson is probably the only infomercial workout system that I don’t own, I logged onto QVC and ordered it. It will be all mine once I make the last of the four “easy pay” payments.
Here's the minx, Tracy, herself. A little skinny for my taste.

Can I just say that I LOVE this workout? Sure, initially I was cursing Nancy and the ground she walks on, but once I got the hang of it, I actually enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, it completely kicks my ass and I’m really only doing half of it. Let me explain.

The program is called Metamorphosis and it consists of a session of Dance Cardio combined with a full body workout. The Dance Cardio is 30 minutes long and the first day, I was able to do 5 minutes. Hey, don’t laugh, I was pretty impressed that I lasted that long.

Partly because of being grossly out of shape and partly because of my stupid foot. You know how I’m a klutz, right? Well, I guess that one of the 10 or 20 times that I’ve tripped/fallen in the last 6 months must have done something to the ball of my left foot. And what is it that you do in Dance Cardio? That’s right. You dance on the balls of your feet.

I went to the doctor last week and the x rays didn’t reveal any bone fractures so he ordered an MRI to see if there might be some tissue damage.

Have any of you ever had an MRI? I remember seeing those “Open MRI” places and thinking, “What the heck? Open MRI? Why would someone need that?” And then I had a regular MRI in the TUBE. I never knew I was claustrophobic until I had to lie in this tube that was inches from my body for 60 minutes as it hummmmed around me. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Luckily, the podiatrist directed me toward an extremity MRI facility where all I had to do was sit back, place my foot in a tube and watch Ellen for 45 minutes. I get the results this Friday.

The second half of the Tracy Anderson workout includes varying leg lifts.

Lots of them.

Like 200 on each side.

And for this, I paid $100?

But the awesome news is that I can totally feel my thighs getter harder and my butt lifting after just 4 weeks. Admittedly, I’ve been way less than perfect with my diet so I feel those things under the layer of fat that covers them. C’mon, it was the holiday. Of course, I was going to indulge in my favorite martinis, Christmas cookies and sweets. Now that the leftovers have been thrown out...okay, eaten...it’s time to focus on my diet as well.

I’ve decided to tackle this with the determination of a Biggest Loser contestant. I see it like this. The average contestant is on the ranch for 12 weeks, exercises 4-6 hours a day and loses, what, an average of 100 pounds? So if I work out for 12 weeks for 2 hours a day, I should be able to reach my goal by March 1!

And then I expect you all to pool your resources and reward me with $100,000.


  1. 2 hours a day?? You are awesome.
    And,um, yes, I've had an MRI. I fell asleep. So, it turns out, I'm not claustrophobic.

  2. I'm limping around too. Not sure why but I need to get my foot checked. I need y'all to pool your money for my MRI co-pay. Far cheaper than Chrissy's Bonus. I've never minded the MRI machine. I've been in tighter spots before.

    Happy you've had results. Happy to cheer you on as long as it is what you want. And you are right, she is a bit thin.

  3. Let us know how the MRI turns out... I have a similar problem with my foot and ankle. X-rays did not indicate a break or fracture, so I'm wondering what to do next. Good luck with your testing...

  4. I had an MRI last year to figure out my migraine situation. It was an open MRI, which I didn't know existed until I walked into the room, and I actually DISLIKE the open MRI as opposed to the traditional. Those magnets swinging around all over the place around my face? Eeep! I also had to have an IV and iodine dye pumped into me. That was the weirdest experience ever!! Getting flushed full of iodine while magnets were spinning around scrambling my brain... yes no something I want to relive.

    Way to go on your work out! You can do it! :)

  5. Congrats on losing ten pounds! Maybe I should try that workout b/c my a** has been growing steadily for months now. ~sigh~


    All the best for the year ahead. I've actually started blogging again, so I will be posting at least once a week (fingers crossed).


  6. BRA-VA!

    10 pounds! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!

    "Have any of you ever had an MRI?"

    No I haven't, but I know people who have and they all the same the same thing....claustrophobia!!!!

    I can just see me flippin' out inside!

    "So if I work out for 12 weeks for 2 hours a day, I should be able to reach my goal by March 1!"

    You GO, girl!

    X to you and the gang!

  7. @Teresa,
    Okay, honestly, I'm only up to an hour and a half a day but even that's tough.

    I can't believe you fell asleep during an MRI. Lucky girl. I counted back from 100,000.

    @Simply Suthern,
    I know what you mean about the co-pay. That's why I went the last week of the year before my insurance changed!

    Yes, thanks. Doing it all for ME. :-)

    Bummer about your foot, too. I'll let you know what they say.

    @Kelli Hale,
    Ew...that sounds awful! I hope they figured out your migraines. Mine turned out to be food related.


    You're back! You're back! Toto, I knew you would be. I never removed you from my sidebar. Smooches!!

    Thank you!! I feel very "empowered" to be getting my life back.

    Here's hoping you never need an MRI. Fingers crossed!!

  8. Congratulations on the weight loss! I don't think that's ever easy, like most things of value it requires effort and determination, both things that speak well of your character.
    I think I've fallen asleep in every MRI I've encountered, six or more now I guess. Dunno, guess I lack the imagination to get worried about it or something. In any case, I hope it helps with the diagnosis of your foot ailment. Is it possible you have plantar fasciitis? I ask because it's something I've had from time to time over the years, and happily it's always been resolved by simple stretching...no pills or whatever. Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  9. Ummm, woof?? Oh, and a big wet lick... I mean kiss. Did I say, woof? lol

  10. Too bad they can't invent some kind of MRI contraption that burns fat while you're in there.

    Congrats on your weight loss!


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