Under the knife?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yesterday, I took Miss Millie for the surgical evaluation of her torn ACL. We made the 45 minute trip to the specialist and when we got there, Millie was sure to let everyone in the waiting room and inner offices know that there was a Beagle in the house.


Once we got in the exam room, she sniffed around trying to determine what the heck we were doing there. And then, of course, she had to let everyone know where said Beagle from the lobby was.


Dr. Surgeon came in and rolled his stool close to me while he asked me about Millie. I explained to him that I had rescued her from the Portage County dog pound and that I realized a few days later, that I had inherited a dog with a football injury.

He leaned in, “My goodness..” and placed his hand on my knee.

Now, normally I would have shot him my “WTF?’ look but hey, ACL surgeries are pretty expensive so I allowed it just in case we needed a discount or payment plan which they clearly didn’t offer as noted on the signs in the waiting room.

“Why don’t you walk her down the hall so I can take a look?” he said.

Oh geez,
I thought to myself, are you going to take a look at Millie or me?

“Maybe you would like to take her?” I offered.

“No, then I won’t be able to watch her walk”.

Oh geez. I slooowly walked down the long hallway so that my booty wouldn’t bounce on the way down and the girls wouldn’t bounce on the way back.

The guy touched ME more through the evaluation than he touched Millie but GUESS WHAT??

Since I've been giving her an over the counter joint supplement, she's improved so much that the vet doesn't think she'll need surgery at all! We just need to cut back on our treats so she can lose a few pounds.



  1. And so did you adopt another pet so you could see Doctor Roving Hands again?

  2. Who's the real hound dog here?

    Cant hardly blame the doc tho. He'll be wanting to treat them puppies.

  3. "Now, normally I would have shot him my “WTF?’ look but hey, ACL surgeries are pretty expensive so I allowed it just in case we needed a discount or payment plan...

    You are too-too funny, girl!!!

    Reminds me of the 1970's disco hit song, Doctor Love!


    Glad Millie is doing well.


  4. Glad all is well with everyone. Beagles do love their treats though, so good luck cutting her back! (Seamus says to mail the extras to him and he thanks you in advance.)

  5. So... You got his digits, right? RIGHT?? Cuz Mama needs some treats of her own every now and again, #amiright?

    Always funny, always enjoy reading you.

  6. Hey Chrissy! Fabulous news, even if the doc was an old lech. These old fella, you gotta eatch 'em ;> Indigo x

  7. At least, was he cute? Next time, ask if you can take a picture for your blog. I'm dying to see what he looks like! And maybe you have misunderstood something. You know, there are guys who do not intend to touch or anything but accidentally, a rare illness known as the IMF-director-in-Sofitels-syndrom makes them do the strangest things. Anyway, I'm happy for your finances and even more for Millie-the-beauty. Btw, MY dog doesn't 'Aroooo' at the vet's; she's too busy trembling and gnashing teeth and trying to dash out of the waiting room. You might have guessed that she's not the bravest girl when it comes to vet waiting rooms. ;-)

  8. Yeah, I was wanting an analysis on the Doc. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being Don Knotts and 10 Johnny Depp.


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