Monday Morning Bad Girl Millie

Monday, June 27, 2011

"If you take this baking soda, peroxide and Dawn paste off of me, I PROMISE that I won't run under a bush and get sprayed by a skunk again!"


  1. … which reminds me Nina, without getting friendly with a skunk (these tend to be rare in Paris), could need a shower, too. Mind you, YOU've got a bathtub, lucky girl! I've got to struggle against a water-loving but cleanophobic hyperactive 15-year old doggie in a shower! No need to tell you I normally end up cleaner and wetter than Nina herself ;-)

  2. Oh My, not hanging out at some of the nicer bushes are we?

  3. Aw...poor Millie girl!

    What a sweet face she has, Chrissy. She's ADORABLE!

    Smell well, dear Millie!


  4. Damn. I was hoping for skinny, monday morning Chrissie. How long do I have to wait? T

  5. Oh Millie! A skunk? I am glad that I have never seen any of them!

  6. @Dieter,
    Oh my! I couldn't imagine attempting to bathe a dog in the shower. I get soaked enough when she tries jumping out of the tub. And I had to leave this on for 20 minutes. She was not a happy camper.

    That's what I said! Well, and some choice curse words. :-)

    @Simply Suthern,
    They're all nice until "after hours".

    She's sweet but she's SUCH a pistol!

    @Anonymous T,

    Boy you sure are lucky! You usually don't seem them, you just SMELL them. They usually spray in the eyes. Luckily, Millie must have turned because it wasn't on her face.


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