So far, so good...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 23 pound goal is what I hope to lose this month only.


  1. Good Luck with it.

    We're pulling for ya.

  2. *two thumbs up*

    You GO, girl!

    Woot! Woot! Woot!


  3. Hey Chrissy! Kudos, keep at it! But 23 in a month? Take care, honey. That's only sustainable if you're an old biffa like me who's eighty plus adrift. And I can help - please send me all your chocolate. It's the least I can do. Indigo x

  4. Good going Chrissy! Keep it nice and easy, and if ever you feel discouraged I recommend this nifty little trick:
    1. Go to the supermarket.
    2. Head towards the dairy aisle.
    3. Gather as many bricks of butter as the amount of pounds you lost.
    4. Pile those bricks up and look at them.
    5. Tell yourself this is exactly what you shed off your new hot body.
    6. Slap yourself on the back and walk away. If the clerk complains tell him this is your contribution to keeping his job going and wiggle that hot sexy ass in his face!

    Sounds like fun?

    惄 my cyber house rules dot com

  5. Ambitious girl! Just two things springing to my mind: 1) there can't be enough of you (that's what I tell my bf anyway: 'Do you realize? Since you've known me, I'm still the same sheer perfect man, and hold your breath: there's even more of me now!') and 2) where do those lost pounds go to? you've ever wondered? is there a special lost-pounds-heaven? Anyway, keep it going, be brave, be stunning, be you!

  6. That sounds challenging! Good luck!

  7. Hi, I'm NeeNee! *Waves*

    I love your blog!!! Hope you don't mind me following you! I have to ask though...How are you losing the weight! Please please please share your secret :D

  8. Hi Nee Nee,
    Thanks! Read the prior post. I'm following the HCG diet.

    I have to post anonymously cuz Blogger hates me and I can't log in to comment.




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