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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You know how the Griswolds down the block love to decorate their yard for every holiday.

And you know that there was that unfortunate incident this past summer when a storm knocked down their front tree and part of their house.

We wondered if they would decorate again this Halloween and they didn't let us down.

For the past few weeks, every time I drive by the Griswolds, I look to see if they've decorated yet. Actually, let's face it, you don't need to turn and look, it will just sort of loom in your periphery.

But there's been nuthin'!

Did something happen to the Grizzies? Did they get a divorce and Clark left with all the holiday decorations?

I almost caused an accident today as I slammed on my brakes in front of their house. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

A few wreaths on the windows and a Santa in a hot air balloon?

What the FU#%, Clark?

Where are the singing caroler figures? The giant snow globe? The waving Santa, the lights, the animated baby Jesus, for God's sake!

Did you convert to Judaism or something?

I hope you're proud of yourself. Have you thought about what I should tell the children?

Lord...the children...the poor innocent children...


  1. Hahah I find this quite amusing. It does look rather sad comparatively speaking... of course, I can't believe I'm saying that since I gagged when our neighbor took to using the giant inflatable ornaments. To each their own I suppose!

  2. "Lord...the children...the poor innocent children... "


    You KILL me, girl!

    OMG, it doesn't even look like the SAME house as last year?!?

    Maybe they're trying to save on electricity this year?



  3. Loool, you made my day! As in Austria, Christmas is celebrated in a rather subdued, contemplative fashion (real candles on the Christmas tree, for instance), I've always thought those flashy decorations "à l'Américaine" way too much for my taste. And I've always believed ALL Americans were fans of it (you know, stupid me generalizing, as we often do). But your, hmm well, really funny last line made me laugh so much that I almost spilled coffee over my keyboard here in the office! I wish you the best, I do love your blog and your personal way of saying things. I think I should comment more often in order to let you know!

  4. Must be attending Over-Decorators Anonymous.

  5. Okay, either they moved....their kids are getting teased about it in school....grandma can't sleep at night without an eye mask that scares the dog...OR wife finally had enough guts to say "it's me or the lights, honey, you pick." Funny post.

  6. @Geeta,
    I know! I kinda miss all the glitz and show

    It does look really different, doesn't it? Dare I say it's almost tasteful?

    @Dieter Moitzi,
    Yes, we do have quite the reputation for being OVER THE TOP. So silly question, but how do the real candles not burn the tree down?

    Thanks for stopping and commenting. Nice to see you. :-)

    @Simply Suthern,
    Yes! I bet they hold hands and recite The Serenity Prayer, too.

    It has to be something like that. I can't imagine how they pay that electric bill.

  7. Hey Chrissy, well, the trees do burn from time to time although, luckily, not in my family. You have to choose carefully where to place the candles (not under a branch, that is, and it shouldn't touch the lametta garlands or heat any other piece of decoration). Then, we light the candles only once, on Christmas Eve. We switch off all the other lights, then stand around the tree and sing some Christmas carols, and when my dad was still alive, we'd play some songs on our flutes, mys is, my dad and I. Then, the lights are switched on again and the candles blown out. Oh yes, and it is recommended to have a bucket with water near the tree. Security-wise, I admit, it's not a win-win-situation. But sobriety-wise, and style-wise, it's soooo beautiful and touching (even for a strict non-believer like me, something always stirs in my barbarian heart lol). Oh, if ever your neighbours opt for an upgrade of this year's decoration, please keep us updated, okay?

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  9. @Dieter Moitzi,
    Oh my gosh, that sounds so beautiful! What a great tradition.

    Oh, you know I will. I drove by today and it looked the same. :-)

  10. They probably found your blog, and were embarrassed with themselves afterward.

  11. LMAO!!!!! Well hell. It doesn't look the same. Depressing! I know when our neighbors moved away, it seemed a little not like Christmas when his gigantic blow up ornament wasn't on the porch...we joked that it looked like a giant tomato....and we named it Bob from the Veggie Tales.


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