The Dating Game

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Please hit play as you're reading..

Bachelor Number One hails from Moreland Hills, Ohio. He's a young 60 year old who likes riding his Harley, long walks on the beach and making whoopee in a hot tub. His hobbies are home improvements and training for an Ironman triathalon.

His dream woman can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never ever let him forget he's a man.

Say helloooo to Rich!

I know some of you won't get the joke but I'm crackin myself up here!

So I had my first date with said bachelor. Yes, he was older than I had originally been looking for but I liked his profile and he seemed pretty genuine. Well, he was. We met for a drink last week and talked for over 2 hours. It turns out that he's the ex brother-in-law of a woman that I used to work with and he's even her daughter's godfather. Small world, huh?

He eluded to the fact that he had hoped that I was at the end of my Match membership so that we could get to know each other exclusively. Now, you guys know, I am not in any mindset to be in a relationship right now and certainly not with the first guy I meet. I'm just trying to create a happy balance from the horror that is my career.

I told him about my blog thinking that would save us the whole, "So what do you like to do?" bullshit but he said that he was more interested in getting to know me personally.


C'mon, a blog is like Cliff Notes! Who doesn't want shortcuts to the answers? Apparently, not him. When I told my girlfriend her response was,

"He's 60. Are you sure he even knows what a blog is?"


It's strange because guys will add me to their list of "Favorites" but never email me or even send a wink. Maybe all they need is a picture.


Okay, we won't think about that.

I always look at the profiles of guys that have dogs as pets. Would it be wrong to tell someone that I don't want to go out with them but would love a play date with their dog?

Maybe I should put Bernie out there, too.

SFF (single furry female) seeks SFM (single furry male). Likes walking without a leash and long belly rubs. Babies okay as long as they don't live at home. Must know how to treat your bitch like a Queen. Rhinestone collars need not apply.


  1. and I thought I was to old for you. yea!!!
    and yes I get the bacon reference

  2. I remember Jim Lang and the Dating game. It was must watch TV back in the day. Of course we only had 4 channels.

  3. Yes, I DO get the joke...and it's hilarious!

    And I freakin' LOVE The Dating Game music theme - BRILLIANT!

    Hey, I think it's great that you're getting out there and dating. At least you're leaving yourself open to the possibility of meeting someone!

    "SFF (single furry female) seeks SFM (single furry male)."

    Bwhahahahahahaha! You are a RIOT!


  4. Seamus considered responding to Bernie's ad. But then he realized, he couldn't stand all the cuteness competition. Sorry,'re too cute.

  5. 60 would only work for me under one of the following conditions:
    A. He looks like Sean Connery
    2. He's rich with a heart condition and no living relatives.

  6. Ha Ha wonderful.... you've made my morning I laughed so loud!

  7. YES, small world!

    This is all just hilarious... ;)

  8. @R. Jacob,
    But you still live too far away. :-(

    @Simply Suthern,
    So funny. Now I have 300+ channels, but I still only watch 4.

    I was so tired last night when I was writing this. I just couldn't stop laughing. I called my sister to make her listen to it and she told me I was crazy.

    It took me so long to figure out that the name was Spanish Flea! I kept finding "Dating Game Theme" but I knew that wasn't right.

    Gosh, what an adorable couple they would make!

    @Comet Girl,
    You're so funny!

    @Clare and Gary,
    Please stop back. My life tends to do that to people. :-)


    @Miss Sara,
    Isn't that nuts? I think I remembered why I stopped dating.

  9. Like R.Jacob, didn't think I'd have a chance. So just say the word, I'll dig out the rowboat and start rowing across the lake.

    The Dating Game was great entertainment. Now that theme song is on an endless loop in my head.

    Tell your girlfriend some of us old geezers remember ms-dos, what we did before the world wide web and how to write our own programs so we'd have something to do with our 'puters.

    Best not to get me started on the olden days before 1970.

    You were in Grade 3, when I graduated High School during the "free love" 60's.

    Funniest blog I've read today.

    wink wink wink wink wink wink wink wink

  10. Yes, I am a bit past the 5 mile mark. I do look like Sean Connery Comet Girl!

  11. I knew the song, I knew the references, and I STILL laughed while reading your post to Herb Alpert. Nicely done. I think I'll have to write about the male perspective on those dating sites soon....

  12. @johnet,
    Row row row your boat..

    I know. That stupid song was all I heard when I tried to go to sleep last night.

    You know, the last guy I dated was actually at Woodstock so I know all about the "free love" era.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    @R. Jacob,
    You actually do look a little like the guy I went out with. Who, by the way, has not emailed me since.

    @.end transmission,
    Thanks for laughing so I know it just wasn't me being slap happy.

    Please do write from the male perspective about dating sites!

  13. so when's the wedding?:)


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