C Cleveland

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I told you guys it was cold here!

Here's the lighthouse on Lake Erie before:

And here's after the winter chill got a hold of it:


  1. I was just thinking I had not seen any C Cleveland, and there it is!
    That is how I used to look waiting for a bus to go to school back in my Chicago days.

  2. I double dog dare you to put your tongue on it.

  3. DO you know if anyone is inside? That is pretty awesome.

  4. @R. Jacob,
    I know. I had gotten lazy. I didn't know you grew you in Chicago? Smart move to a warmer climate.

    @.end transmission,
    Ha! I'll pass.

    @Simplu Suthern,
    Oh my gosh, could you imagine? No, no one inside, it's automated.


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