I want my innocence back!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have a love/hate thing going with the internet.

Let me give you an example.

The year was 1975. I was 9 years old and a card carrying member of the Bay City Rollers Fan Club. Oh, yes I was...

I was on the newsletter mailing list.

I knew when all the guys birthdays were.

AND I wore my tartan scarf re-ligiously.

I remember running home from school to watch the Rollers on The Mike Douglas Show. Mike asked them how they chose their name and they said that they stuck a pin in a map of the United States and named it after that city.

Bay City, Michigan

Only Derek pronounced it Bay City, MiCHigan instead of Mishigan. My mother laughed but I yelled at her and told her that they were from Scotland so there was no way they could know the right way to say it. I think she slapped me.

But the stinging went away when I heard them sing:

For some reason, this song has been going through my head all week. I was looking for it on YouTube when I came across VH1's Behind the Music about the Bay City Rollers and decided to watch it.

Big mistake.

I want to remember them as fresh faced young boys who wore ridiculous outfits and couldn't move on stage to save their lives.

I want to remember dancing around my bedroom while kissing Erik Faulkner's face on the cover of Tiger Beat.

Isn't he dreammmmyyy?

I want to remember thinking that the drummer looked like a little kid banging on pots and pans.

I do NOT want to know about all the fighting over money.

I do NOT want to know that their manager when to prison for underaged sexual offenses with boys.

I do NOT want to know that the drummer, Derek, was charged with child pornography.

Alcohol and drug problems? Make it stop!!

I just want to go back to when my teenage heart (okay my 9 year old heart) pined over her future love. Is that too much to ask?


  1. I LOVED them when I was a kid. Never realized they were so goofy looking til now... Hahaha! Those pants! Oh and I skipped through the bad parts.

  2. Oh...I think I married my first husband because he looked like Stephen Stills...back in 1972...they probably look the same now, lol!

  3. @Miss Nikki,
    The bad parts....the singing and dancing? :-)

  4. @Teri and the cats of Furrydance,
    That's funny. Don't look him up! Just remember him the way he was...

  5. My wife loved the Bay City Rollers. Everyone prolly knows the S A T U R D A Y Verse.

    She still has the albums.

  6. Oh..I meant...neither has aged well, lol. Stephen I know from phoroa... Stan I just have to imagine time has also taken it's toll...but then, I'm not 19 anymore either

  7. I'm so glad Shaun Cassidy is normal! MY 9 year old heart couldn't take it if he weren't. I saw him on Oprah a few months ago and I still got all giddy. Da doo ron ron ron da doo ron ron.


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