Lunches with Lisa

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My sister, Lisa, goes to different clinic locations with her physician when he travels. On this day, he was sharing clinic space with another provider, one who has a strong patient following despite the fact that he runs over an hour late every day.

Two of the regulars were there.

One who comes with her husband and brings a lawn chair to sit on ("it's better for my back") and one who brings her Pomeranian, Jack, with her ("he's my seeing eye dog").

A new patient, a middle aged Asian woman, walked up to the window and signed in for her appointment. It was 2:00 and her appointment was for 2:10. The front desk person, Melanie, registered her and informed her that the doctor was running an hour behind.

"An hour behind? Well, how many people befo me?"

Melanie, glanced at the charts, prepped and ready for the nurse. "It looks like there are six ahead of you."

"Six? That going take more than hour!"

Melanie nodded in agreement, "Yes, unfortunately, it might. Please go ahead and take a seat and we'll be with you as soon as we can."

She takes a seat as the regulars size her up and down and Jack sniffs in her direction.

Ten minutes go by and she heads back to the check-in window.

"How many people ahead me now?"

"Well," Melanie responds, "no one has left yet so...still six."

Lawn chair yells out, "Sit down! He always runs behind. Stop bothering her."

Stunned, the woman sits down.

Five minutes later, she stands up again and starts to walk toward the window.

"Didn't I tell you to sit down?" Lawn chair lady is becoming increasingly agitated.

"You no tell me what to do! How many people? It five minutes pass by appointment time."

"We're still looking at about an hour. No one has left." Melanie glances at the check in sheet to appease her.

"You said hour 15 minute ago."

Now, Jack's owner starts up. "Sit down and shut up! Stop going to the window and bothering these girls. And what did you eat for lunch? You have stinky Oriental breath!"

The lady gasps as she stares at Jack's owner.

From behind her, lawn chair lady and her husband, demand that she sits down and shuts her mouth.

"Yeah!", chimes in Jack's owner.

"You no tell me what to do! I know Kung Fu!"

Jack starts to growl as his owner stands up, "Well, I don't know Kung Fu but I know crazy, now SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!"

That seemed to work because she sat down and didn't make another comment until she was checking out after her appointment.

"I cause fight with women in waiting room," she giggled.

Melanie shook her head, "Ya think??"


  1. Wait a minute, I am on the side of the oriental lady!

  2. I go from amazed to more and more amazed with you! Always thought running late was French for 'on time'! Always thought at least in the US, things were running a bit more smoothly! Gosh, you smashed my most precious childhood beliefs there, lol!!! Humans do behave the same, apparently, as Lawn Lady's and Jack's behaviour could've been so very Parisian, too... You think there is some hope for us Should-have-been-strippers?

  3. I always love the Lunches with Lisa.

    Dont you just love how Older people feel they have reached a point in life where they can pretty much say and do anything they want? And they do.

    Sounds like a fun office.

  4. That sounds like an episode of Seinfeld! I love it!

  5. I'm kinda of in full admiration for the older people here as they told her to shut up. I also still wonder if I'll ever come across a blog complaining about some obnoxious person... wondering if that was me the blogger was talking about. You know what I mean? It could happen, everybody and their brother blogs these days!

    Glad lunches with Lisa are back!

  6. The Asian lady should have just taken her ninja throwing stars out of her purse and cleaned house.

  7. @R. Jacob,
    I know! And this is a doctor who will refuse to see you if you're 15 minutes late.

    @Dieter Moitzi,
    Ha ha! No, we're really all just the same. I think there may be some hope for us yet, though. :-)

    @Simply Suthern,
    My mother has reached that point. Sometimes it's not so funny!

    @Comet Girl,
    Funny! It does, doesn't it?

    @Miss Nikki,
    Honey, they're probably writing about us everywhere. Bad publicity is better than none at all!

    Sis and I don't get to see each other much anymore since we're both traveling. :-(

    @Judge Fudgem
    HA!! Now, THAT would have been funny.


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