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Thursday, February 5, 2009

So you know how Oprah and I started our diets a few weeks back, right? Well, I've actually been doing pretty well and I've even lost 2 whole pounds. Yippee! I've never been very good at dieting and exercising at the same time. If I'm doing one well, I'm not doing the other. My dream is to master both at once. Oh, and world peace.

A week ago, I started working out again. I'm doing an intense workout called P90X, also known as "We're an infomercial that seems to promise overnight results and since Chrissy's watching and we already have her credit card on file, pack it up and send it to her."

Here's the list of tapes (yes, this obsession started with VHS), DVD's and accompanying "tools" that are in my possession:

Legs, Buns, Abs, Arms and whatever else of Steel

Cathe Friedrich- the orginal Step girl who has now expanded to weight routines with kicky music

Winsor Pilates-Daisy Fuentes, if only I could look like you. Oh, I can?

Core Secrets-Brooke Burke was overweight once, too. Wow, it's like she knows me!

The Firm

The Step

The Firm Step Box

The balance ball

Free weights

Barbell set


Iron gym

Yoga mat

I've given away my Ab Roller, stationery bike, Total Gym and Thigh Master.

One would think that with this plethora of fitness tools that I would be in tip top shape right? Yeah, not so much. I go through spurts of working out regularly, eating right and slimming down. It seems like as soon as I'm fitting into my skinny jeans and people are starting to notice, that I go into self-sabotage mode. It's very insidious. I'll sleep in one day and not work out, grab a candy bar out of the vending machine the next day and reach for the regular mayo instead of the light.

And then the dam breaks and I'm sleeping in every day, eating a half gallon of ice cream at a sitting and slipping into my elastic pants again. Ahhhh..there's nothing like the taste of defeat.

They say it takes approximately 21 days for something to become a habit. It's only been a week but I'm happy to report that I'm already starting to feel the extra boost of energy. Unfortunately, I'm too sore to lift my arms over my head so I've been wearing my sports bra for 7 days straight.


  1. Yes, I have p90x too, or is that also...

  2. Do you actually do it? I HATE the yoga. It's too long.

  3. The stretching is 58 minutes and is close to being like the yoga. Try that instead.

  4. All the times I've attempted this, I've never done the stretching one. Thanks, I'll have to give it a try.


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