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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm not a big social statement gal. I don't attend rallies to protest injustices against chickens or man hotlines to save the rainforest. I'm pretty sure I've never hugged a tree except for that one night in college when it kept my drunken ass from falling down.

If I feel moved by a cause, I'll throw a check at it and let people who are passionate and educated about it find the best way to spend my money. I think a lot of the "protests" today are created by opportunists looking to make a buck by pointing their finger at everyone else instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Let me give you an example.

My morning routine includes watching Good Morning America, where I can get my local weather forecast for the day, find out the progress of the latest bailout and see if Angelina Jolie has adopted any more children. Thrown in the mix are human interest stories and at least one or two reports of how greedy corporate America has ruined some poor sap's life.

The latest report showed a dentist in Kentucky who invested over $100,000 of his own money to fight "Mountain Dew" mouth, pervasive tooth decay in children caused by overconsumption of Mountain Dew. I guess it's not enough to tell these kids and their parents to put the bottle down. He wants the people at Pepsi to fess up to their actions and what? Stop making Mountain Dew? Damn you, Pepsi, for making a product people love. Damn you! Damn you!

C'mon, really?

If I drink too much pop and the sugar and acid rot my teeth, should THEY be responsible for my dental bills?

And when I eat only McDonald's for a month, gain 40 pounds and raise my cholesterol to alarming heights, should THEY pay for my medical bills, pain and suffering?

What about cigarettes? Don't forget cigarettes. I want to be able to smoke 2 packs a day for 20 years so that I can develop lung cancer. Then I want to ensure the future of my grandchildren by settling a huge lawsuit proving that THEY made me do it.


When will people start owning up to their actions? What has happened to our society? What about our core value of working hard and earning what we deserve instead of sticking our hands out, looking for a piece of the proverbial pie?

Maybe this should be titled, Stupid people suck, Part 2.


  1. This dentist is specifically fighting Mountain Dew? I smell a conspiracy, bankrolled by the Coca Cola Corp, to bring Pepsi down!

    You're right. No one wants to take responsibility for their mistakes anymore. It's why our tax money is being used to bailout banks and auto makers.

  2. If they gave me some of that bailout money, I would blow it on cases of Mountain Dew.

  3. Then you could sue Pepsi, and get all the money back in the form of compensatory damages.


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