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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Okay, so I've been at my new job for a week now and I have to admit that it's pretty nice to work for 5 hours and then have the rest of the day free. I'm still getting used to the early mornings, though. The hardest thing has been getting to bed early enough so that I get at least 6 hours of sleep.
I get up at 6 and leave the house around 7:30 to be there by 8:00. That gives me enough time to walk the dogs, feed everyone, check my Facebook/email and watch some Good Morning America. As much as I despise mornings, I hate to be rushed.

I'm hoping that once I get back into the groove of being somewhere early in the morning (as opposed to Stella who got her groove back in a completely different way!) that my afternoons can be more productive. Last week, I came home and fell asleep twice!

Everyone is super nice and so far the duties are super simple. I think they're easing me in to be sure I come back the next day. My first job in the morning is as Bevvy Bim, or Beverage Bimbo. My name not theirs. These people go through coffee like crazy! They have two Keurig machines and probably go through over 75 cups a day so I have to refill them twice a day. You should see the back stock of coffee. It's literally an entire supply closet! I drink coffee only once in a whole so I really don't get it but, then, coffee drinkers have always made me scratch my head.
One of the more popular flavors is called Dark Magic and this is exactly what I thought of when I saw the box.

"Dance for Momma, boys."

I told you how when i interviewed, there was just such great energy here, right? It turns out that a bunch of the staff are huge animal lovers, too.  My immediate supervisor has two horses, three dogs and no kids so her pets are her babies, too. A kindred spirit!

It's so funny because I went from no jobs in September to three jobs now. The weekend one is an admin position for a home senior care organization. Awesome organization! Awesome people! They're a non-medical company that provides services to the elderly so we have about 200 caregivers that assist with respite care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, etc.

I can't believe that I made it all the way through the interview process without asking what the hours were. I assumed it would be 9-5 or something like that. Are you ready?


Me. Who sleeps until 2 in the afternoon being somewhere at 7:30?? Surprisingly, it's working out ok but that was before I had the Monday through Friday gig. I really like this job, too, so I'm hoping that it doesn't become too much but it's only every other weekend so I should be fine. And Sundays are only 1-5. It's a new position for the company so they're still trying to figure it out so we'll see how it all pans out.

Oh. And I hope to get more blogging done, too! We have so much to catch up!


  1. 'ell-o Kickie,

    Why three jobs? besides $ & social life, time juggling.

    I enjoyed university. Every quarter new courses, different times. Twenty years later, and i had dreams of missing classes because i forgot, or i stayed for a coffee, or beer, and a sandwich too long. Or it is finals week, and i forgot i had the class at all for several weeks. Eight a.m. Friday? really? So many courses were Mon-Thurs, Tues&Thurs. A lot of professors wanted a three day weekend too.

  2. " As much as I despise mornings, I hate to be rushed."

    Chrissy, I am the same way! I have to get up at least two hours before I have to be into work, so I can leisurely have my coffee, shave, shower and wake up. I'm am sooooo not a morning person. I'm one of those people who gets more energetic as the day goes on.

    " My immediate supervisor has two horses, three dogs and no kids so her pets are her babies, too. A kindred spirit!"

    That is so AWESOME!

    Glad to hear your jobs are going well!


  3. That's great to hear your finding your "groove: - regardless of how you get it!


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