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Friday, February 7, 2014

You know how I've been trying to find something part-time since the summer. Yes, I got the dog walking gig but I've really been looking for something that will pay a little more and have a set schedule. I've come to realize that the less structure I have in my life, the less productive I am.

It's been interesting to see what kind of jobs are out there. Some of them expect you to have oodles of experience/education and do tons of work for next to no pay. I loves the one that say they are part-time, no benefits and 35 hours a week. Wha??

The card store has kept me on as permanent part-time employee instead of just seasonal but that's only a day a week. I actually found a weekend administrative position that's every other weekend and pays a decent wage. I've been doing that for about a month now and I really like it.

I still wanted something during the week to replace the dog walking and I thought I had found a great opportunity with H&R Block. No, no...not as a tax preparer. Oh my gosh, every return I did would be audited!

Instead, as an administrative, front desk person. Scheduling appointments, filing paperwork, etc. There wouldn't be a set schedule but it was perfectly stress free and close to home. I had a phone interview, a face to face and then had to go online to take a test. All the while, no one was willing to tell me what it paid so I just continued through the process.

It seemed that I had made the cut when I got a call from the initial person that I interviewed with. She advised me that I would be getting some forms via email that I would have to fill out before I started. AGAIN, I asked what the pay would be and her response was, "That will be listed on your offer letter."

How do I know if I even want the job if you won't tell me what it pays?! I interviewed, took tests and let them perform a background check on me because I figured, it's H&R Block. They're a reputable company that had a net income of $455 million in 2012. Surely, they'll pay a decent wage.
Then I received my confirmation letter:
"......pleased to offer you $8.00/hour."
Are you kidding me???
Needless to say, I didn't accept and went back to looking for something else. And then I found it: Light administrative duties, Monday through Friday 8-1, business casual.
Yes! THIS is what I've been looking for. I applied online and got a call later that afternoon. We spoke briefly on the phone and set up a time to meet in person. When I got there for my interview, I waited in the lobby and looked at the staircase in front of me. There were about 30 wide slatted steps (I think that's what they're called. They're the ones you can see through) At the top, they went up another flight to the left and another flight to the right. My first thought was, Good Lord. I hope they have an elevator because I will fall right down (or up) those stairs!
The interview went great. I met with the HR person and the manager I would be reporting to. There was just such great energy there and I had a really good feeling when I left. They called the next day to offer me the job and said, "I know we discussed the range of pay but because of your experience, we're going to pay you more."
I was so excited! The only thing I'm a little worried about is that I haven't had to be anywhere at 8AM in forever. But, hey, I did it for jury duty, I can do it for this. (fingers crossed)
I can finally ditch my dog walking attire and walk into a bank or gas station again!


  1. "I know we discussed the range of pay but because of your experience, we're going to pay you more."

    YAHOOOOOOOO! Isn't it great when you find a job that appreciates your work experience and is will to pay you what you're worth?


    I know, can you believe that? That's what the starting pay is at the store in which I work. I'm a vendor, so I get paid from another company and make a very nice hourly salary. However, when I heard that the store was paying people that, I died!

    And hey, I like the amount of hours you'll be working each day at this new place. I work 5 hour shifts per day too and I love it. The only time I work more is during the Christmas season.


    And I know they're gonna LOVE you!

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. LOVE that last photo! You crack me the hell up!!!

    1. Thanks, Ron! Yes, so awesome that someone sees the value of what I can contribute.

      Retail is notorious for bad pay. I'm so glad you get paid through a different company that actual pays you what you're worth! Five hours is the perfect shift. I'm only productive for about that long anyway. lol

      You have a great weekend, too! I hope it warmed up for you.

      That's what I've been wearing on these cold days. No joke! Ha ha!

  2. Congrats Chrissy! I'm so jealous - 8:00 - 1:00 would be my dream job. Think of those stairs as your exercise regiment - just don't wear heals. I've seen what happens when the heal becomes lodged in those slates. Not a graceful sight...

    1. Thanks! Yes! Isn't it the perfect schedule? Good advice on the shoes. :-)

  3. Raise, Shmaise, I would want to hear "Because of your experiences we are going to move your desk downstairs"

    A couple years back my company downsized. I was saved but had to go on working 4 8's for a while. I took a side job to make up for the lost day. They never told me what I was making till the end of the first day. $3.20/ hr. I would get a $1 raise after 6 months. I was going to have to quit my full time job to get enuff hours to pay for the day I was trying to make up. I did the math, cause i'm sharp like that and figgered that might not be the best thing.

    1. Ha ha! That's hysterical about the desk! They don't know how accident prone I am yet so maybe I can bargain for that later.

      $3.20/hr??? How do they expect people to live on that? Minimum wage was $3.35/hr when I worked at Woolworth's in 1981!

    2. You got commission on the jobs you did. $1.25 to mount a set of tires. $2.00 if you also balanced them. So on a busy day you could actually make money but they had made the national news for doing un-needed work so folks wernt beating down the doors.

    3. Oh, well that makes more sense. Pesky media reporting the truth!


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