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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's time to hang up the leashes and move on.
I gave my two week notice to Mr. Dog Walker and waited for a response of some sort.
"Can we talk about it?"
"I'm so sorry to hear this."
Even with my employees that I was happy to see go, I still wanted to know why. It's productive to know if it was the job or the working conditions or the pay or (GASP!) me. It's just good business so you are better prepared with the next person.
His response a day later:
"Got it."
Such a dick.
And much like when I gave my notice at the hospital after slaving for 6 years and no one giving a crap, it validated that I was doing the right thing.
When I was "training" with Trevor (a name, by the way, which must be pronounced with an 80's Valley Girl inflection - Trev-UR), I asked him if the clients knew that he was leaving and he had no idea. Obviously, he had not contacted them and didn't care but I feel that I owe them that much since they're essentially my clients. Oh, Trev-UR!
I decided to email them all right after I emailed Mr. Dog Walker. I seriously considered telling them how he never paid me on time and never did background checks on any of the people going into their homes and never cared if the person he hired even liked dogs but I wasn't sure what their level of loyalty was to him and I didn't want to come across as sour grapes from a disgruntled soon to be ex-employee. I decided to take the high road and tell them that I had enjoyed working with them and that this just wasn't a good fit.
Well, that was fine until one of them responded with, ".....there seems to be someone new every three months so just know, it's not you."
Of course it wasn't me! I mean, his whole email was very complimentary but I didn't want him to think that my leaving wasn't my choice. I should have just let it go, but c'mon, it's me.
I responded back that Mr. Dog Walker needed to learn to respect the people out there representing him or he wouldn't be able to keep anyone. Inappropriate, maybe, but at this point, I don't care.
I really have no idea how he's going to cover these clients. Did I mention that he doesn't even live in town? He lives in Connecticut or something. Oh well, not my problem, I guess.
On a happy note, found another job! 'Er...jobs. I'll fill you in tomorrow!


  1. My daughter took kinduva unconventional job while in school driving a golfcart around town taking folks from hotels to resturants along the riverfront. Her boss had lots of great ideas and not a lick of business sense. She had to quit due to his lack of finacial savy and paychecks.

    1. That sounds like it would have been a fun job! It's too bad that people with great ideas don't have the sense to hire someone to do the business side.

      This guy I work with just figures, Hey, free money for me every week. And doesn't really care. He doesn't anything to grow his business, either. There are plenty of other walkers in town.

  2. "Well, that was fine until one of them responded with, ".....there seems to be someone new every three months so just know, it's not you."

    BINGO! Chrissy, Mr. Dog Walker sounded like a complete JERK. I mean how can he expect people to work for him if he doesn't pay them on times. Plus, I can't believe he never does background checks on the people he hires.

    Well, he make a huge mistake with you because I'm SURE you were the most reliable, responsible, and caring dog walker he ever had.

    Glad to hear you found another job (s)!


    1. Thanks, Ron. I really did take great care with these dog and I kept in regular contact with the owners if anything ever seemed off.

      Yes, NO background checks! He didn't even call my references! I feel bad for the clients. They should switch to another service.

  3. The human condition: we have to make do with our position. Society and the community we encounter, we have to muddle through. Many want to live a good and comfortable life; but the obstacles are never ending. What to make of it? and what to do?

    Is it a search for peace and harmony we want? Then an option may be to make our lives simpler, and jettison encumbrances, and unnecessary things.

    People who use people are not good people. Here is a dilemma for some, what to do with them. Loving your enemy? This does not have that high of rate of success. In my experience, or in my constitution, i recommend against protecting the guilty. They do not love you, and will not often consider [if ever] that as an option.

    Reciprocity of mercy:

    How can one ask for mercy
    when one refuses to give to another;
    If we expect to receive mercy, we should give mercy.
    --St. Caesarius of Arles, fl.c. 500

    1. I believe in karma so I don't need to do anything.

    2. Chrissy, is your karma justice? balance? pay back by the universe?

      Time wounds all heels?

  4. New jobs? So you finally broke down and got on the pole... does this mean you're going to have to change the name of the blog? ;P


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