Monday Morning Griswolds

Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm speechless. I thought the fact that they didn't have any Christmas decorations last year was just a fluke but LOOK.

No Halloween, either??

You can take a walk down memory lane HERE.


  1. No Halloween? Now that is scary.

    They do look like they have two huge rats in the upstairs window.

  2. OMG, Chrissy...I'm SHOCKED! I remember you posting about them throughout years and how festive their home was decorated for Christmas AND Halloween. And now this?!? It almost looks like someone is living there.

    But what is it that I see the center window on the second floor? When I clicked the pic to see it big, it appeared to be two LARGE mice sitting in the window.

    Maybe they're doing Halloween minimal this year - HA!

    Have a super Monday, girl!


  3. Hell-o Kickie,

    Do you personally know the residents? They are the same family? Can they afford the electric and upkeep of the set? Now, their beliefs may have changed. Do they still like Christmas?

    If you bop about in your barbie pink thunderbird, and cruise round Beachwood and University Hts., the only neon you'll see is from starbucks et. alia.. I don't mean that to be unfair. Now, if you have had the porch hopping Witnesses, and other 'restorationists' on your stoop, they dislike what they consider the "pagan panoply of the whore of babylon".

  4. @Simply Suthern,
    I think they are rats!

    It's the same family living there. I feel like putting a pumpkin on their steps!

    I don't know them personally but it's the same family as before. Maybe it was a cost issue. They sure had a TON of stuff that lit up.

    Hmm..I haven't had any porch hoppers since I put my decorations out. Maybe I should decorate for every holiday!

    1. Hell-o Chrissy,

      O yea, there is way more. Once i was chatting with a Baptist woman at work about Easter, and she unloaded over the Easter bunny as if i was in league with the long eared, cotton tailed Devil himself. I was surprised, otherwise she was fine to work with and a good person, but any folk or theological Catholic anything upset her.

      And the fascists go crazy over Earth Day, and the circular peace sign, as it is a communist-pagan conspiracy. Yes, what most people should see as light-hearted decoration, others get crazier than outhouse rats about.

      These are not organic psychotics, no this was imposed thought (for lack of a better term, since much of it is the antithesis of thought). And you were worried about common anxieties, and eccentric and trivial behaviours. Prudence of forethought has taught me the necessity of knowing someone's socio-politico-religious spot on the spectrum, and staying away from there no go zone. But then again, i like telling an idiotic tin foil helmet paranoid, what a crazy #@*! they are. I don't always listen to Prudence. Sorry, but you have an inkling.

  5. Hmmmm, very curious. My kneejerk reaction would be that they had moved, but you say that's not the case. My second thought was that a divorce had happened and the holiday freak was the one to go. Maybe the last kid moved out of the house? New city ordinance? Complaint from the neighbors?


  6. @Pablo,
    I think you may be right that they got divorced. I used to drive by this house every day on my way to work but I haven't been since May. I would have bought some of their stuff if they had a garage sale!

  7. Right now I imagine that whoever the freak was moved out, hooked up with another holiday freak like themselves, and combined their decorations. So somewhere in Cleveland is a World Class Haloween decoration fest that's second to none!

  8. @Pablo,
    You may be right! Freakville.


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