Monday Morning Vinny

Monday, October 14, 2013

Come. Come closer, my friend. Don't be afraid.

Do you see the blood under my eye?
This blood.
It does not belong to me.
 It belongs to someone who chose to disrespect the family.
 Am I making myself clear?


  1. Aw...I hope Vinny's eye is okay.



  2. @Simply Suthern/Ron,
    This was so funny. He came home with blood on his face one day. He's such a killer.

  3. Hell-o Chrissy,

    I have a pacifist friend, who does not realise he makes points that pass as common belief but which are factually false (and loses his calm when corrected). He has an engineering degree from Penn State. One of his arguments is "man is the only animal that kills without necessity, or man is the only animal that kills for sport". Apparently, he has never analysed cat behaviour.

  4. Hey Chrissy! What a handsome little sod! =) Indigo x

  5. @A voice from the rustbelt,
    Very true! Your friend can come follow Vinny for a day.

    Thanks! He knows it.


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