C Cleveland - Bigfoot in Ohio?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I love "unexplained phenomena". And it looks like we might have one here in Cleveland. Okay, well not exactly Cleveland but not too far away in Ashtabula.

 Is Bigfoot living in Ohio?

According to the Bigfoot research group (yes, that's what I said), there have been just over 200 sightings of a so-called Bigfoot like creature in various Ohio counties. The county that I live in has logged ZERO. That's good to know since I do have an affinity to wearing black and hiking in the woods. That would be embarrassing, huh?
The latest incident was on Labor Day weekend when a woman and her husband were both in separate rooms of their house and they felt a huge banging on an outside wall of their house. They didn't see anything but were unsettled by the sound as they've experienced annual sightings around their home for a number of years.
The first incident was about five years ago when her husband was walking the family dog. As they walked along on a quiet night, he heard a loud rumbling sound that turned into a growl unlike anything he had ever heard before. After a series of these sound occurrences, they caught their first glimpse of Bigfoot as they were crossing train tracks at dusk. Ahead of them in the distance was a large black figure that ran across the tracks and into the woods. The couple reports that the figure is seen and heard (mostly heard) every late summer and fall as if it's passing through the area.
They photographed this exceptionally large footprint in their yard that they can't identify. The area is popular with hunters because of the abundance of deer and turkey. There's even the occasional black bear sighting but this print has toes, not claws, and measures 7" wide.

You may think the couple might just be making this up for their 15 minutes of fame but others have seen and heard Bigfoot as well in Ohio. Some have dubbed him "Ohio Grassman."

Here's an eyewitness account:
"I was simply driving east on Route 90, I had just passed the Lake County/Ashtabula County border and I was looking around as I usually do and I look over at this wood line hoping to see some deer or turkey and to my surprise there was what looked to be a Bigfoot walking through the woods about 100 yards from the roadway. 
At first I thought I was imagining things but other drivers slowed to look as well. It was about 3:10 p.m. and the weather was partly cloudy, the temp was about 33 degrees and there was a dusting of snow on the ground. The Bigfoot was tall about 9-11 feet if I had to guess and it had broad shoulders and it was brownish grey in color. It was walking east then turned south toward the Grand River. I told others about this and some think I'm crazy and others believe me. I do hope to see it again, I was amazed yet unsettled at the same time."
There's even a farmer who claims that a family of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) live on his property. He says he can hear them following him when he hikes and that he and his children have seen and heard them regularly. He hesitates to say too much because he respects them and wants them to be able to live a normal life and not be exploited.
Hmmm.....I can appreciate that. Sounds like another furry creature that was kept sheltered and protected from the masses.


  1. Hell-o Chrissy,

    If you are at the red starr, not texaco, it looks like you're sitting on Tom Johnson's lap or you went off the East 9th Street pier.

  2. HA! Loved how you ended this post, Chrissy!

    Hey, this was sooooooo interesting because I enjoy anything that's an unexplained phenomena too. Like: UFO's, ghosts, or sightings of ELVIS - HA! No, but seriously, this was WAY cool to read! And that is one MASSIVE footprint!

    "The Bigfoot was tall about 9-11 feet if I had to guess and it had broad shoulders and it was brownish grey in color."

    Yikes! Yup...sounds like Bigfoot to me!

    Thanks for sharing, girl!

  3. @S,
    You're so literal. The star was already on the map so I put my name a little further east around Euclid Beach.

    I miss Alf! I know! I wanna see one. I remember the first time I heard a wolf in my neighborhood. It was wild. And then I made sure Vinny was in the house!

  4. Hell-o Chrissy,

    I've heard,"humour is where you find it". And i have always found myself quite amusing. O look! There is a dragon.

    Chrissy "[see the red]Star" was a graphic.

  5. @S,
    HA HA! I didn't even put two and two together about the star. Duh me.

  6. Are they sure it wernt LeBron just taunting you guys?

  7. @Simply Suthern,
    Ha! I'll call the bigfoot research group and suggest that.

  8. "I was amazed yet unsettled at the same time."

    I feel that same way every time I see a gorgeous woman looking back at me... ;P


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