Really? It's Thursday?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm beginning to wonder if the freelance lifestyle is for me. Sometimes I wake up and I have NO clue what day it is. I think and I think but I just don't know!

It's a good thing I found this website to help me out.


  1. So you aint putting your new chalkboard to good use? How do you remember to check what day it is?

  2. Now there's a worthy site at last! But tell me—does it say "Today is Thursday" every day? ;-))

  3. @Simply Suthern,
    I do but if I don't finish a task and it's still on there, I get all confused.

    HA! I'll have to check tomorrow.

  4. Chrissy, I so know what you mean because having had almost TWO months off from work over the summer, everyday of the week sorta blurred into one.

    Ha! LOVED the website link!


  5. @Ron,
    Isn't it crazy how that happens? I used to laugh at my mother when she would ask me what day it was. My sister and I went to an estate sale last week so we drove alllll the way there but there were not signs and no cars. Lisa checked the date and it was the NEXT day. Woops!

  6. Wait, what?! It's SUNDAY? Shit. And I forgot to go to church. Indigo x


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