Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not sure what's going on but for some reason, I can't respond to any comments!!


  1. Noooo! Hey, if they give you a bad time, just tell me and I'll kick some asses for ya! (Ahem, I'm not very impressive, physically speaking, I know; but in virtual www-space, they aren't bound to see/know that... just tell 'em I'm Austrian like Arnie, minus the housemaid-shagging of course as I don't have housemaids and wouldn't dream of shagging 'em anyway). Hope everything'll be fine for you soon!

  2. Yes, I've heard several Blogger bloggers say the same thing this week. I haven't experienced that, however I'm having trouble with other things.

    Don't you just LOVE Blogger?

  3. I have had lots of odd issues with blogger as well. couldnt comment, couldnt log off. Couldnt spell or punctuate correctly. Well maybe it aint all blogger.


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