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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Okay, so how many of you remember the 80's classic, Weekend at Bernie's, where these two young guys were invited to spend the weekend with their boss at his house in the Hamptons?

As you may recall, Bernie died shortly after they got there but since they didn't want to give up their one chance at Hamptons reveling, they pretended that Bernie was alive.

Here's the newest dance craze inspired by the movie. I tried doing it but I got dizzy!

Can you do it??


  1. Okay, can you believe I've NEVER seen or heard of Weekend at Bernie's???? As soon as I finish with my comment, I'm going to google it.

    And yes, I think I could do this...

    ...after THREE glasses of wine!



  2. Okay, I just came back from google it and YES...I have heard of Weekend at Bernie's, but have never seen it. I will now!

  3. Think I may put my back out doing that!!!

  4. Ok. I can't watch anymore cuz it is really making my neck hurt! WTF! I'm bendy but I swear, these dancers are made of rubber!

  5. @Ron,
    You MUST see it. It's so funny! Now I want to rent it, too. :-)

    My girfriend went to a mom's weekend at her son's college and she said all the kids were doing this. It's crazy!

    @Clare and Gary,
    Tell me about it!

    @middle child,
    I know! I don't think I was ever that limber.

  6. It was a great movie. NOOOOOOO I cant do it..

  7. Yeah, that's me trying to dance to something like Sweet Home Alabama after I've been greviously overserved by some apprentice bartender, and it's "English-language optional" time.

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