I sleep solo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've never been very keen on sharing my bed with anyone.

No, not even then.

After we do the deed, put your pants on and leave. Or sleep on the couch or something. That Lucy and Ricky knew what they were doing by sleeping in separate beds.

That said, when I say that I sleep solo, that means no pets, either. For as much as I love them, I prefer that they sleep comfortably in their beds next to mine. That hasn't been a problem so far since Bernie is too chubby to jump on the bed anyway. The only time I bring her up is during a thunderstorm to calm her down.

Vinny slept on my bed the first few nights I brought him home but he stopped for a while when I mistook him for a pile of blankets and kicked him off the bed. Twice.

Since Millie's been here, Vinny has decided that daytime is dog time. He lets me hang out on the couch with them and take them out for walks with nary a meow. But when it's time for bed, that's Vinny's time.

Both girls are lounging in their beds so right before I turn the light off, I yell, "Vin Vin!" and I hear his bell tinkling up the steps as he races to my bedroom. To ensure that no one thinks he's a Mama's Boy, he stops just short of the door and casually strolls toward the bed.


I told you that Vinny had started peeing in the house again with the warmer weather but ever since Millie has joined the household, he's stopped. I think she's his muse or something. He just sits and stares at her for the longest time. He must be excited by the thought of the taboo of their love and always seems startled when I catch him looking at her.

"What? Um, no, I wasn't looking at a dog. I was staring at a bird. Yeah, that's it...a bird."

I'm beginning to think that sleeping solo is overrated.


  1. Furry Friends don't count. And I'm not talking about Hairy Greeks either.

  2. I need a bigger bed.
    Or a way to turn back time and train the beasts to stay OFF the bed. How do you argue when sleeping with 300lbs of dog? Don't even get me started on the cat scarf I wake up with...

    Do they make beds bigger than king size?

  3. Our cats sleep between us or on her. I dont let them on my side.

  4. Seamus WON'T sleep on our bed! Well, he will...but not if we're both in it. One dog, fine. One person + one dog, fine. Two people + 1 dog? oh, hell no. He harummpfs, exhales loudly and jumps off the bed in disgust!

  5. "But when it's time for bed, that's Vinny's time."

    HA! Isn't that something about cats? They are total night-creatures; wanting nothing to do with you during the day. I adored sleeping with my cats. The gentle sound of their purrring put me right to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz...

    "He must be excited by the thought of the taboo of their love and always seems startled when I catch him looking at her."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up, girl!

    Fabulous photo!


  6. Tsk, tsk. I agree with a whole lot of what you say, but this....?

  7. Gary sleeps on the bed and then gets off into his own bed after he gets jostled in the night.. so much easier to sleep when he's not there!

  8. I love sleeping with my wife (and a fine thing that is), but man I really miss sleeping with my kitty. Thanks for bringing that memory back to me, and enjoy your Vinny!

  9. @Daft Scots Lass,
    Hairy Greeks. I love it! Hairy Armenians, too.

    I actually thought about getting a king just for the kids. They were all in bed the other day and I didn't want Millie to fall out. When I was adjusting her, I fell out!

    @Simply Suthern,
    As it should be. Men aren't cuddlers.

    Poor Seamus!

    Yes! He's like a sound machine. Purrrrrrrrr....purrrrrrrr....purrrrrr. I love it!

    @Clare and Gary,
    It really is, isn't it?

    Maybe you need another kitty???


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