Monday Morning Vinny

Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh geez! Was I sleeping on a knock-off?


  1. I love when animals stretch. Our dog will do the normal, on her back one, but my favorite is the one that looks like she is bowing. Sometimes I think she does it just so we'll tell her how cute she is.

  2. Doesn't he look cute an' fluffy an' lovely? He's probably about to go pee on poor Bernie.

  3. lol that's some serious nap time. Man I wish I could zonk right out like that.

  4. Our cats seems to sleep on anything we lay down on. I aint sure if they are giving approval or taking ownwership. But you cant open a newspaper in front of them with out them laying on it.

  5. "Oh geez! Was I sleeping on a knock-off?"

    You freakin' kill me with your captions! That's exactly what it looks like he'saying!

    Mr. Vinny is so adorable. Don't you love watching a cat sleep?

    Have great week, girl!


  6. @loach of Chicago,
    Ain't he, though?

    @Middle Child,
    Yes! I love the bow! Ta-da!

    Dare I say that we've had a pee free stretch of 2 weeks?

    Wish I was still that limber...

    @Simply Suthern,
    Yes! They are very inquisitive, aren't they?

    Thanks! He knows it.

    I do. I could fall asleep watching him. He looks so blissful when he sleeps.

  7. I think it's an ownership thing...I haven't really made my bed in years cuz I'd disturb the cats...who get to sleep in EVERY DAY!


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