I'm queer

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ever since December, I can't get these songs out of my head. I just received my new eBay purchase in the mail and I've been listening to it non-stop since Tuesday.

The temp who sits outside my office said, "What ARE you listening to?" When I told her, she said,"You're queer."

I'll be hiring a new temp tomorrow.

Maybe I'm drawn to it because it has some weird coded message from the universe.

Or maybe I'm just queer.


  1. oh my god...i linked back to your december post and played the teenage heart video, if you took out the singing and the music, it truly sounds like there is a mass-homicide going on in the background.

    oh, btw-for that last post of yours, i only wish it was in my powers to send calgon to take you away. i'm working on it :)

  2. LOL, I spose there are worse things to be stuck in your head. Tire irons, other personalities.

    The wife has a couple of their albums. They had quite the wardrobe.

  3. oh my gosh! where did you find this? i love/d these guys! S. A. T. U. R. D A Y NIGHT... queer indeed.

  4. "Or maybe I'm just queer."

    Oh you KILL ME, girl!

    You know, I totally forgot about the Bay City Rollers, but I did love them back then. I think I need to head over to You Tube and check out a few of their songs.


  5. I agree with the temp... am I banned from the blog ! LOL

  6. I love temps. Canning them is so easy, and fun.

    Gonna keep on dancin' to rock and roll
    Saturday night Saturday night
    Dancin' to the rythm of the heart and soul
    On Saturday night Saturday night!

    Love you, T

  7. OMGosh.....'Blast from the Past' or what?...........Now I'm gonna have these songs stuck in my head for days! Thanks a lot! (...brings back memories at the roller skating rink, in junior high) shakin' my butt to these oldies on the skate floor....) Oh My! :):)

  8. Hahahaha you win- I thought it was bad I had Porn Star Dancing stuck in my head but I'll take it any day (PLUS, TOTAL HOTTIE singer dude... and CHAD) LOLOL but I am in my 40's - the FAR side so I remember this as well- but, back to porn stars and Nickelback because I will have to hunt you down and kill you if I get BCR stuck in my head now.

  9. I'm queer and I think it's okay for you to be, too. Better still: I'm very happy to have as wonderful a fellow queer as you are! Just read your latest post and wanted to tell you I'm right there with you in thoughts! Be brave, girl; I send all my love to you!


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