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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I like the occasional baked potato but I usually don't buy bags of potatoes because they end up looking like a science experiment by the time I eat them. Hey, remember the onion?

This week, I decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a 10 pound bag of potatoes. As I reached in the bag to get one out for dinner tonight, my hand grabbed something ginormous.

I'm not sure whether to eat it

Date it

Or adopt it


  1. LMAO, Yea I remember the onion well. Such a simple post. I got a good giggle out of that.

    That is a rather large spud. Id say a bit of butter and sour cream with Cheese, chives and bacon bits are in order.

  2. Wow... Looks like the science experiment was done for you! That potato is kind of freakish.

    Maybe you could get a whole bowl of mashed out of that one spud?

  3. I am starting to wonder about those late night posts! I am thinking some medicinal drinking is involved!

  4. Don't eat it if you're trying to lose weight! Bad carbs! Bad, bad, bad!

  5. Yes...I do remember the potato post, VERY well!

    I can't stop laughing at the adopted photo. Too damn cute!!!! I think you need to get yourself one of those Mr. Potato Head kits, so you can add eyes, a nose, arms, and legs!

    Hilarious, girl!


  6. This won you an award on my page! Where did you find a potato wig?

  7. That is a creepy fucking potato.

  8. @Simply Suthern,
    I'm leaning toward that option.

    @Sunny Dee,
    Hmmm...you do make a good point.

    @R. Jacob,
    I know. I was laughing so hard last night I was crying when I put the wig on. I really gotta get out more.

    @Comet Girl,
    Please....One little potato won't hurt.

    I couldn't stop laughing, either. We're weird! :-)

    Suh-weet! Thank you! It's a cat Halloween costume.

    Hee hee. I know, right?

  9. Wow, is that a potato, or a bloody great rock? It doesn't make me hungry. Which is... weird.


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