Lost possibilities

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little over a year ago, community members and local businesses donated money to create a playground in South Euclid, Ohio. It was a true labor of love as young and old, black and white, worked side by side to build the playground in just one week. It was a representation of what can be achieved when a community works together. The total cost was $250,000 and it was called the Playground of Possibilities.

This unique playground wouldn't just provide recreation for the children in the neighborhood but it would provide the opportunity for special needs and handicapped children from all over the area to experience the fun as well.

Personalized pickets were sold so you could commemorate events, family members and even pets for a small donation that benefited the playground.

I stopped by the playground on my way home today. This is what's left of it.

It was destroyed by a fire last night that the South Euclid fire inspector has ruled as arson. One by one, cars and minivans pulled into the parking lot and people shook their heads in disbelief as they surveyed the damage from behind police tape that surrounded the perimeter.

Only three swings remain

I call South Euclid home and even though I don't have children who would frequent this park, I feel violated by this act of hatred. Let's hope they find the people who did this.


  1. Why do people have to be such assholes? How devestating for the people of your community.

  2. This happened frequently where I used to live. It was kids. Whenever they rebuilt it, they just burned it down again. They solved it by putting high spotlights in. They were only brave in the dark. Little shits.

  3. That's horrible. The sad thing, it is likely spoiled kids that did this. Smart ass kids.

  4. OMG...when I first started reading this post, I had such a wonderful feeling, but then when I got to the ending it felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach!

    How horrible. How devestating. How utterly sad.

    I do hope they find out who did this.


  5. It sucks that a few bad kids can ruin something for everyone else. I hope they catch the arsonist(s) and punish them by making them rebuild the entire playground. Maybe next time they will think before they do something stupid and hateful.

  6. @Jody,
    I know. A playground? How low can you be?

    I guess some people consider this "fun"? Looks like they were some security cameras so hopefully, they'll catch them.

    @Travel Girl,
    Right. Like a dare or something. Bunch of bad seeds.

    That's just it. It was such a happy thing for the neighborhood, this is just heartbreaking.

    @Mark Price,
    They would probably intentionally leave bolts out for "fun". Idiots.

  7. I bet they catch them. They are to full of themselves not to brag about it to someone. Hopefully they will but that dont fix it. How sad or angry do you have to be that you would want to do something like that?


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