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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here's the latest update from a local news affiliate on the fire that burned down the Playground of Possibilities in our city. Sadly, it turns out that a spark from a flare that a group of kids found was the cause of the fire.

The city held a rally on Saturday at the park in support of rebuilding.

(This snow's for you, Ron!)

Hope this video plays!



  1. Hey Chrissy, it's good they got to the bottom of it, though I think their "spark from nearby" sounds a bit unlikely. But hey, glad it'll be rebuilt using insurance money. It's just a shame that the work will be done by contractors, which may dampen some of the community spirit about building it in the first place. Hope they kick the little freaks asses, too; accident of not, it was moronic. Indigo

  2. I'm so glad they found out the cause and are insured, so that the playground can be rebuilt. And how touching to see the community come together like that for support. Still, it's sad.

    OMG Chrissy, I cannot believe the amount of snow you got last weekend. *clapping* Holy cow...it looked like a blizzard!!! I heard we got some in Pocono Mountains, but nothing in the city. I can't WAIT until our first!

    Hey, I love your Facebook avatar with Vinny!!

    Have a super day, girl!


  3. What a loss for the community!!
    Wonderful news that the playground will be rebuilt though. hopefully the rebuilding is a speedy process.

    What a shame that someone's stupidity has ruined the fun for so many!


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